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CareCam for PC Free Download On Windows OS & Mac OS

CareCam for PC is a solid application to monitor multiple devices from any remote location. This app is sophisticated software that empowers its users to do many functions at a time. 

You can zoom in from your place, operate a PTZ device, talk to someone two-way, instruct the gadget to sense a particular kind of activity, and report to you by sending alert messages and beeping alarms.

We will give here in this article about CareCam for PC link to load install on Smartphones & PCs. It is an Android App. We will guide you here to use this application on PCs. You will learn here to monitor the gadgets on Windows and Mac through this app. For that, we will take the resort of Android Emulator Software.

How Beneficial Is Carecam App?

CareCam for PC App is an absolute delight for busy owners who are always on move to enhance their businesses. They keep a vigil on their enterprises through remote access. This application shows multiple devices at a time on a single screen, and that too from any place. 

It is a Chinese app. It is designed and developed by Carecam Organization. The company has designed this software in such a way that it can connect more than 15 devices at a time. It has smart cameras to its credit. The App is powerful enough to alert you to threats. 

If you have more than 2-3 locations to monitor and you want to access them from one place, then this app is handy for you. It allows you to watch gadgets installed at different locations. You can access them from any remote area

The Advantages Of CareCam Application

This product has great features. It is so prominent that it is used in more than 25 countries. It has more than 1 lakh subscribers. You can gauge the popularity of this application by it. These are the main features.

  • The app gives remote video monitoring access to your property
  • The app gives remote video monitoring access to your property
  • The motion detection keeps you safe and alert round the clock
  • The sensors are powerful enough to detect motion and sound. They can assess any suspect and alert you accordingly
  • You can set sensitive zones through the app. Whenever anyone barges into that zone, it alarms and pushes messages to the user
  • It provides you with a real-time feed. You get continuous live streaming
  • You can zoom in on the device and operate many more functions of the gadget from your office
  • The app supports two-way audio. It keeps the vigilance intact.
  • You can pass any message and converse to a person through this feature
  • You can chase away a suspect by yelling at him.
  • It can record activities, keep data, playback, and record on a cloud server. You can also take snaps.
  • You can see the playback and operate the gadget from your chosen place
  • The app assists in Home & Away mode both. They are just a click away
  • When motion is triggered, it begins to record in the SD Card and cloud server simultaneously
  • The app supports smoke sensor functions

Install CareCam For Android OS

To install the app, you have to click the link given here. The software is especially given to Android users. It is available in the play store. The root file can be uploaded by clicking the install button. 

The installation is easy and smooth. After that, we log in and connect the gadget by scanning the QR Code. The complete installation process till monitoring is given in the next section. There is a step-by-step guide with full expressions and images for the client users.

Install Carecam for Windows OS

This app is not applicable to Windows OS. It is designed to be functional for Smartphones. But if you want to monitor through your Windows PC, then it can be made possible in the following way.

Download the Android Emulator Install CareCam For Mac OS

To install this application on a Mcintosh PC is not possible. The app is not available for Apple PC. But if you still want to monitor through it, you have to download and install Bluestacks on Mac.

It is available for Mac OS. After that go through the login and device addition process ditto as shown for the Windows OS. You will be able to monitor the device then this way.

Install CareCam For Android, Connect & Monitor

To install the application and connect the device for monitoring, we go for
the following way. We do it in three stages. All stages are properly narrated
and demonstrated. We do it in the following steps.

In the first step, the installation part is covered. In the second step, we do the login bit. In the last step, connecting the device has been shown. Let’s begin the process for Android OS.

Step-1 Install The Software

The link for the CareCam file is given in the download button. It is also given in the play store. Search it. The following window will appear.

Press the install button to load the file. The file will be loaded in no time.

The file is loading. There is hardly any time taken between loading and installing the app. When it is finished, it will notify us and ask us to open the app.

This page is indicating that the installation is complete. This way the installation of the application part is over.

Now, we will move to the second step. In this step, we will demonstrate the logging process of the app.

Step-2 Log In Of The Application

In this step, we will open the installed app. The following page will appear.

It is the agreement to sign in the software. Read the terms & conditions. if it suits you then click the Agree button. This page will appear on the screen.

The page is asking you to sign up or sign in. For that, you have to create an email id and password. After that press the signup button. You will reach it on the homepage. This is the process of logging in to the app.

Now we will get to the next step. Here, we will go to the last step. This step is about adding the device and monitoring.

Step-3 Device Addition & Monitoring

After logging in we reach this page. The “+” sign is for adding the device. To add it, you have to click the sign.

Click the sign. And you will reach this page.

To add the device you have to click the QR Code button. This page will show up.

This is the QR Code. Scan it to add the device. For that, you have to scan the QR of the device. When it is added, it will bell a beep. Press the I Heard OK button. The device is connected now.

The monitor begins after the device addition. This way, we get the gadget for monitoring.

Now, we will go on to illustrate how to install and monitor CareCam on PCs.

Install CareCam For Windows Log In & Add The Gadget

We will illustrate here the installation of this software on Windows OS. This software app is not given by the company. SO there is no download link available. But if we want to install the application then we have to adopt the following method.

We will take the help of the Android Emulator app. For that, we will download Bluestacks on Windows OS. Get the download button here to load it.

Step-1 Install The Carecam Application File On Windows OS

Open the Homepage of the Bluestacks App Player first.

After reaching this page, open the play store. This page will appear.

Search the carecam app on the play store.

The selected software appears. It is asking us to install. Press the install button. It will begin to load.

The root file is installing here. It takes no time to empty all its content.

The app is installed. This is the process to install it on Windows.

Step-2 Log In to The App

Now, we will go for logging in. Open the installed software on the Bluestacks home screen. This window will open.

The terms & Conditions page will appear. Read it and if satisfied, press the Agree button. This window will open.

It is asking us for signing in or signing up. We sign in when we have generated an id and password. We go for sign up to create an id and the password. Press the sign-up button. This page will appear.

Create the email id and the password for you.

Press the sign-up button. You will be able to log in. This way we go for sign up or log in.

After logging in we reach the homepage of the application file. There we will add the device for monitoring CCTV Cameras.

Step-3 Add The Gadget & Monitor

To add the device, log in to the software and the following window will appear.

The “+” sign given on the top right-hand corner is for adding the device. Click it.

Press the QR Code added option. This page will appear.

Press the next step.

The device is searching for the wi-fi to connect. Press the connect the wi-fi option. This page opens.

Scan the device now. When it connects, the alarm beeps. When you hear the beep you can confirm that the device is connected now. Press the ‘I heard OK’ button.

It is connecting the device. It takes less than a minute time to connect.

This way we monitor the property. The device is added and the monitoring has begun.


We have thoroughly discussed here CareCam for the PC application file. We have given here the benefits of the application file. We have also demonstrated here to load, install log in and add the gadget for Android OS.

It is shown here step by step for easy understanding of the users. We have also covered here the installation and monitoring process of this Android app for PCs. How can it be made possible is shown here?

Every step is given to know it and understand it properly. You can easily get the process for Windows and Mac.

Please share your comments about the article in the comment section. if you have queries regarding the app then please share them with us. We would carve out a solution.

Thank You.


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