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VIVOTEK iViewer for PC Download For Windows 8/10 & Mac OS

VIVOTEK iViewer for PC is Android software. It is created by VIVOTEK. VIVOTEK is a data group company. It has many apps for different purposes.   

VIVOTEK iViewer for PC is an application that is used in security surveillance. It can add devices installed at different places and connect them to this app.

You can access this application file from any place. It gives you remote access to these gadgets. This way, it is very advantageous for users, as they can find their locations from anywhere.

This article will illustrate the installation process in detail. Every step is covered with images. The installation process is given for Android and Windows. 

The VIVOTEK iViewer for PC is an Android file. So it is not possible to download it on either Windows OS or Mac OS. We can not do it.

For installing this file on Windows PC, we will go to install Android Emulator on Windows OS. Android Emulator simulates Android devices on computers. After that, we will install VIVOTEK iViewer application with its help. 

Here, we will use BlueStacks Android Emulator. It is easy to use and reliable.

A CCTV Security App Is Helpful

These security apps are helpful in tracking locations and activities. Why do we install CCTV cameras? We need protection and inspection through them. At least the owner could know about the happenings around those locations.

Security software gives us the liberty to keep ourselves in touch with sites. They allow us to check recordings from remote places and operate devices. We can communicate with its help and listen to someone from anywhere.

Apps are sensor sensitive. They alert us sensing any threat or dubious activity. We feel more managed and in control when we are equipped with a CCTV Monitoring App.

Some Information About VIVOTEK iViewer for PC

This app is manufactured and marketed by VIVOTEK. This company primarily deals in Security Surveillance Apps and CCTV products.

It was launched in 2000. The organization sells its products worldwide. Its reach is everywhere. The CCTV range is quite wide. It has CCTV cameras, NVRs and DVRs.

This application is designed to serve multiple purposes. It can make you communicate with a person on the device end, you can listen to them also. It allows you to operate PTZ devices and normal cameras from remote areas.

Main Features & Functions Of VIVOTEK

This device has superb functions. You are getting the most useable of them here. Know about these features to operate the file in a better way.

  • It provides you with a live feed
  • The footage and videos you watch are in real-time
  • There is no time lag in image capturing and relaying
  • The product is accessible from anywhere
  • You can operate devices with its help
  • The application is smart and intelligent
  • It provides you with a live feed
  • The footage and videos you watch are in real-time
  • There is no time lag in image capturing and relaying
  • The product is accessible from anywhere
  • You can operate devices with its help
  • The application is smart and intelligent
  • The two-way audio helps you in speaking and listening
  • It can record, take snaps and show you playback at any place
  • The cloud server recording us supported by it

Install VIVOTEK iViewer for Android, Log In & Add The Device To Monitor

When we go to load this application for Android, we have to go to the play store to get it. You can get this software by clicking the download button given here.

Download For Android Smartphone

Click the link. Search the setup file in the play store. This way we go for the installation process.

Step-1 Install The File

Search the setup application file in the play store. It will send you the following page. It is about getting the file.

The file has a link button. When we click it, the app begins to load on the Android mobile. It is a small application. It will load in a short time.

After pressing the button, this file begins to load on the screen. It doesn’t take time in loading the file. When it finishes downloading and installing, the app indicates a new page.

This page shows the message that the installation is completed. This way the installation step is finished.

Now, we will go to the next step. It is about settings to add the device.

Step-2 Pre-requisites For Adding Cameras

Here, we will make certain selections to go for the device addition. Open the installed application file. This page will open. It is the homepage where you will keep those devices that you have to add.

Click the three horizontal lines on the left-hand side. It will take you to the next course of action.

It will open a menu bar. Select Add devices option for your purpose.

Step-3 Add Devices For Monitoring

To add the device, go to the menu and click the Add device option. The following window will open.

Here, go to the camera option to which you have to connect, give its IP and mention the camera username and password. After that press the “+” sign.

The device will begin to connect. It takes no time to connect the gadget or device. As shown in the image, the device is connecting in a jiffy.

After that, it shows up on the screen.

You begin to monitor cameras and get access to your locations.

This way we do the installation for Android and add the device to monitor locations.

Install VIVOTEK iViewer for Windows OS, Log In & Connect Devices To Monitor

This application file is designed forAndroid OS. It doesn’t support Computer operating system. So it can’t be loaded on Windows or Mac OS.

Install BlueStacks On Windows OS

To make it compatible with Windows, we have to download and install BlueStacs on it. It is an easy and trusted Android Emulator. The link button is given below. Click the button and it will begin to load.

Download BlueStacks 64 Bit

BlueStacks is loaded. Now open the app and go to the BlueStacks play store to search VIVOTEK.

Step-1 Install VIVOTEK On Windows

To install it, we open the BlueStacks play store. This page appears. Press the Install button to load the setup application file.

When we press it, the app begins to load. When it is finished loading, it sends a message.

We get this application after installation.

The app is installed now. It is asking us to open the app for further procedures.

Now we go to make settings for adding devices.

Step-2 Pre-Camera Settings For Device Addition

Open the installed app. It will open the homepage. It is for making settings.

You are seeing the three horizontal lines on the left-hand side at the top side of the page. Click it. This page appears.

The menu folder appears. We have to add the device. So we select to add the device option. We click it.

The following page appears.

It has two options. The first option is for server settings and the second option is for Camera settings. We go for camera settings. Click Camera and this will happen.

You have to give the IP address and the device username and its password. Give them and then press the “+” option.

The device begins to connect. It will search the device and pair it.

The connected device will show up on the Windows screen. This way you get the monitoring procedure on Windows. The complete illustration is given here for a better user experience.


The VIVOTEK iViewer for PC is a solid application. It adds with it multiple devices and relays them. You can get access to these devices from any location. The installation process is thoroughly explained.

The BlueStacks Android Emulator installation and VIVOTEK installation up to monitoring are illustrated in detail. It must help PC users. If you have any queries, please share them with us.

Thank You.


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