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LongPlus For PC Download Free For Windows 8/10/11 & Mac

LongPlus For PC is an Android software file. It is given for monitoring CCTV cameras for Android smartphones. You can connect various surveillance devices with it and monitor them from anywhere. 

This article covers LongPlus For PC software. You will find the advantages of this device and the installation process. The demonstration of the installation of this app is given for the Android operating system. 

You will also find the installation and configuration of LongPlus For Windows OS in this post. This application is given for Android. So it is not compatible with Windows and Mac.

To install it for Windows, we have to take the assistance of Android EmulatorsBlueStacks is one of the emulators. We will install it on Windows OS then only we can go for the installation of the LongPlus Android App.

Why Is A CCTV Surveillance Application So Important?

It is of utmost use because it gives users access to surveillance cameras from remote locations. 

Suppose you have installed cams in your home or at your workplace. You want to monitor your family members or your employees. 

You can only do it round the clock from anywhere when you have the availability of a CCTV app. This software enables users to operate devices from foreign locations, communicate with people from anywhere, instruct them, listen to them and watch recordings. 

It also alerts you and aware you of suspects and threats. You are always safe with a CCTV Monitoring App. 

Know About LongPlus For PC

LongPlus is the software designed and manufactured by HEROSPEED. It is a CCTV company that deals in CCTV appliances and CCTV Apps.  

It has all kinds of security surveillance cameras like IP Cams, HD cams, NVRs and DVRs

Herospeed Technology is a high-tech company. It is specialized in software development, software customization, and software implementation. This way it is a champ in designing software as per organization requirements and customer needs. 

It can give its services to any part of the world. You will find it suitable for every moment. You are always secure with it. 

Features & Functions Of LongPlus Software

There are many smart attributes in this file. You can use it and be benefitted from it when you know its qualities. We are giving here some very important features of this product.

  • It gives you live feeds. There is no time lag between activity happening and video capturing
  • You get the real-time footage
  • This app is accessible from remote areas
  • You can operate gadgets from any place. You can communicate with it or zoom in on any object
  • It can record activities, take snaps and watch playbacks from any place
  • The two-way audio is supported by this product
  • You can convey a message and listen to the person on the device side.
  • You can also scare away the threat and suspect by yelling at them.
  • The software supports sensors. It can sense activities through motions and activities
  • This software can sense any dubious activity and send alert messages to you.
  • The product supports high resolution. It provides you crystal clear images
  • It supports cloud server recordings

Install, Log In & Add The Device For Monitoring LongPlus For Android OS

We are going to demonstrate to you the installation process, log-in process and device addition process. They are given here in a step-by-step guide form. It will give the user a better understanding of the configuration system for Android OS.

You can get this app by going to the play store and looking for the app or by clicking the link button given below.

Click the link to get the file for Android smartphones. Search the app on the play store for installation. This page will appear on the screen.

Step-1 Install The LongPlus Software

It is telling us to install the application file. Press the Install button and you will get the file. It will begin to download. The following window will surface on the screen.

It indicates that the file is loading. It will take a few seconds to load the file on the phone. When the file is completely installed, we get a confirmation message.

The app is properly installed. This way the downloading process is finished.

We will go to the second step. It is about logging in.

Step-2 Log In To The File

To log in, we go to the installed software and open it. This page appears on the screen.

It is about accepting the terms and conditions of the software. When we use it further, it means that we are accepting the terms and conditions. Press the Agree box and click the Agree and continue button.

This page will surface.

It is the login page. If you are using this software for the very first time then you have to generate an Id and a password. For that click the Register button. The new page will open. It will ask you for a mail Id a verification code and a password.

When you submit the mail id, then the application will send a verification code to your mailbox. Fill them out and press the Register button. The login page will reappear.

Give the registered mail id and the password on it. Then press the login button. This way you will be able to log in.

Step-3 Add The Device & Monitor

When we log in then the following page. We get at this window. It is about adding the device. For that press the Add Device button. You will reach the following point.

The file will ask you to add the device. It will ask you to either manually add or add by scanning the device.

When you manually add, you take the IP address of the device and connect with it. When you scan the QR code then it adds by scanning.

The device connects after scanning. Cameras associated with the device appear on the screen.

The process finishes from installation to monitoring. You view your locations.

Install, Log In & Add The Device For Monitoring LongPlus For Windows OS

To install LongPlus for Windows, you have to go to install an Android Emulator on the Windows OS. Since LongPlus is an Android file, you will not be able to load it on Windows PC or Mac PC.

For loading it on Windows, we will install BlueStacks Android Emulator First.

Install BlueStacks File On Windows OS

To install this app file, we have to load BlueStacks. When we download, this app, we are able to install the LongPlus file. After the installation of Bluestacks, open the BlueStacks play store and search this app.

Click the link button to load this file.

Now we will go to install the LongPlus application file.

Step-1 Install The File

Open the BlueStacks play store. Search LongPlus file. This page will turn up.

Press the installation button. You will get that app has started loading.

The downloading and installation part finish in no time. You get a notification and you come to know about it.

The installation is over now. The application file is properly loaded. It is asking us to open the file. The step-1 is over.

We will now go to log in to the application and then add the device.

Step-2 Log In to The App

To log in to the software, we open the installed app. This page shows on the Windows screen.

It is asking us to agree on the terms and conditions. Read them. If you are satisfied with it, press the ‘Agree and Continue button. The next window shows up.

It is a login page.

To log in, we have to register the mail id and the password. Press the Register button.

The above page opens. Give a mail id. The software will send a verification code. Get that and generate a password. After that press the Register button.

You are successfully registered. Now the login page will re-emerge.

Give the mail id and the password and press the login button. You are logged in.

Step-3 Add The Device & Monitor

To monitor LongPlus For PC files, log in. It will open a page and ask you to add the device.

Click the Add Device option. You will reach the next level.

It is showing you some devices here. Select the device you want to add. And then press that selected device. It will ask you to scan the camera for connecting.

Scan the QR code. It will automatically connect the device.

Cameras will appear on the screen.

This way you monitor cameras. The process from installation and log-in to monitoring is complete. This way these steps will be done.


The LongPlus For PC is the software that can connect many devices and allow them to monitor you from a single place. The advantages of the product are given in detail here. You will also get the installation processes.

It is separately given for Android OS and Windows OS. The step-by-step guide will give users a proper understanding. Share your queries regarding the issues created in installation or monitoring. We would go all out to provide solutions to you.

Thank You.


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