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iGear-Roboeye For PC Download For Windows 8/10/11 & Mac

iGear-Roboeye For PC is a smart security surveillance application. It is needed to connect all the smart cameras and view them on Android OS and Windows OS.

iGear-Roboeye For PC will make you access your cameras from remote places. It will make your vigilance stronger by keeping you updated every second without any time lag even when you are away from the location.

iGear-Roboeye For PC is an Android software hence, it can only be installed in the Android operating system. 

But if you keep following this article, we will show you step-by-step, how to install iGear-Roboeye For PC on your Windows operating system with the help of Android Emulators. In this article, we will particularly use BlueStacks Android Emulator.

For your convenience, we will provide a comprehensive installation process with images and narrations for every point.

This smart application will let you know of any uncertainty with its sensors features and keep you alert throughout. 

You can also pan, tilt, and zoom in on any object for your satisfaction and safety.

What Is The Role Of A CCTV Monitoring Application?

CCTV monitoring app like Roboeye For PC is needed to view remote real-time videos anytime, anywhere. It will work as an eye for you and keep you connected throughout with the sensitive locations. 

These applications also serve everything on a platter. They make the employees attentive too by making our presence felt.

CCTV cameras are usually installed in significant and sensitive areas like homes, and workstations, and they are also installed to look after children, the elderly, and our pets. 

Applications like iGear For PC connect us to these cameras installed far away from our locations and assist us by keeping us mentally certain.

We can anytime take snaps, record, and even take the help of playback.

At any given time you can convey your messages and even listen to them. All in all, they are wonderful apps to keep our surveillance over any given area without giving up our comfort.

What Is iGear-Roboeye For PC App?

iGear-Roboeye For PC app is created to connect cameras with devices for surveillance purposes. It is user-friendly software. It provides aid from remote locations. 

iGear-Roboeye For PC is a brand of innovative gadgets that are user-friendly as well as pocket-friendly. They provide you convenient and tech-savvy lifestyle. Kamlesh Sharma was the founder of this brand. He has a good 15 years’ experience in B2B/B2C sales.

You will find iGear-Roboeye version 3.7.6 on google play. And to install this software you will need Android version 4.2 and up.

It has 10,000+ downloads on google play.

This will provide a real-time view from remote locations.

Features & Functions Of iGear-Roboeye For PC

This article will also give you distinguished attributes of iGear-Roboeye For PC. You will fully appreciate this app once you get completely acknowledged for its features and functions. Read on below to know them and then follow the step to install this software on your devices.

  • It is security surveillance software.
  • It will provide you with real-time live video from remote locations.
  • It also has a feature of TF card recording data anytime, anywhere.
  • It also has PTZ features. You can simply rotate the camera direction by sliding the screen operation.
  • You can pan, tilt and zoom in on any object for your relief.
  • It can be added by the QR Code Scan system.
  • You can also manually add it by IP address.
  • This app allows you to acquire images and capture them from remote places.
  • You can have a dialogue with the help of audio monitoring system.
  • It also has an in-built alarm system and motion detection.
  • You can record the videos anytime and view them later.
  • It supports a VR fisheye cloud camera and a 720° panoramic cloud camera.
  • It supports two-way audio.

Install, Log In & Add The Device to Monitor iGear-Roboeye For Android OS

When you go to install this iGear-Roboeye For PC on Android smartphones, you want the setup file first. The file is available on the google play store. You can also get the software by clicking the download button below.

Press the link button. It will open a page. That page will begin the installation process.

Step-1 Install iGear-Roboeye For PC Software On Android OS

When you open the setup file, this page appears on the screen.

It is the first page of the software.

Press the install button. When you click it, the app will begin to load on an Android device.

Here, you are seeing, that the file is loading.

It will finish loading all its contents in a few seconds. When it will finish installation, it will send a notification.

The installation part is finished. The notification message indicates that.

Step-2 Log In To The File

To log in, we open the just-installed application file. This page surfaces.

There are two tabs given. One is for “Login” and the other one is for “Signup”. If you are using the application for the first time, then you have to press the signup button to register your username and password.

When you click the signup page, the page opens. It asks you to register a mail and a password. After that, give a simple question and answer. This question and answer are useful when we forget the password.

After that open the login page and mention the registered username and password.

Put in them and after that press the login button. You will be logged in to the application.

Step-3 Device Addition & Monitoring

Open the app and log in to it. You will get this page.

This page is for device addition. There is a “+” sign. It is given to add the device. Click it to connect the device.

There are various modes given to add your gadget. The smart mode will scan the device and add it. You can add manually also. Then you have to add it by adding the IP address.

The device will appear on the screen.

This way it will be installed, logged in and added to the monitor on the Android screen.

Install, Log In & Add The Device to Monitor iGear-Roboeye For Windows OS

The installation for this iGear-Roboeye For PC Android application on Windows is a bit tricky. It can’t be installed naturally. No Android files are possible to load on Windows. It can only be made possible with an Android Emulator.

An Android Emulator is an emulator which makes Android apps compatible with other operating systems. We will use BlueStacks here.

Install BlueStacks On Windows OS

The download buttons for this application are given below. Press it and get the file. You can download 32 bits or 64 bits files as per the requirement of your system.

The BlueStacks set-up file is in a zipped file form. Extricate the file and then go for loading it on Windows PC. Press the download button.

The BlueStacks file is loaded now. After the installation, open the BlueStacks play store and look for the iGear-Roboeye For PC App.

Step-1 Install iGear-Roboeye For PC On Windows OS

This page opens. it is the first page. There is a tab in the name “Install”.

Press the install button. When you click this button, the file begins to load.

The application file is loading. It will unload all its contents in a few minutes.

When the installation is finished, we get a notification.

This window opens. It shows that the installation is over.

Step-2 Log In to The File

Open the installed app. This page shows up.

Press the signup button.

Register your mail id and password. After that press the signup button.

Open the login page. Fill in the registered Id and password. Press the log-in button. This way we will log in to the file.

Step-3 Add The Device & Monitor

Log in to the file. Then you will reach here.

You will reach the following page.

You will get the list of the device and the mode of device addition. Add the device either by scanning the QR Code or manually adding the IP address.

The gadget will connect and the device will appear.

The device appears on the Windows screen.


We have shown here the installation of iGear-Roboeye For PC software. The logging-in and the device addition process are mentioned here. The use of BlueStacks Android Emulator is described here.

If there are issues in understanding this file, please mention them in the comment section. We will carve out solutions for you.

Thank You.


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