SL-Cam For PC Download Free For Windows 8/10/11 & Mac

SL-Cam For PC is a CMS Wizard. This application is developed and marketed by the Chinese manufacturer Shenzhen Skyline Security Co., Ltd. It is a security surveillance organization that deals with different electronics security products, like CCTVAccess systems, NVR/DVR, Doorbells, Biometrics, etc. 

Download SL-Cam For Android

This article will give you insight into the features, installation, and monitoring. You will find here an illustrative explanation of these functions. Every point and narration is supported by diagrams and images.

This application is designed for Android OS. You will find here the installation and device addition for this app on smartphones. We will also provide you with a complete demonstration for installing this software on PCs. It is given step by step. 

Some Information About SL-Cam for PC

This CMS Wizard is a security surveillance app that is used to monitor devices from remote locations. You can access your gadgets from anywhere. Thus, it gives you mental freedom and control. 

The software is developed by Skyline Security Ltd. It is established in 2014 in Shenzhen. It has many patented intelligent security products. This app is one of them. The organization has three reputed brands namely littlelf, Hdipc, and Anxin+

Its products have a reach more than 50 countries

This app is intelligent. It can be operated from any remote location. You can view real-time feeds. There is no time lag. It supports message transfer from the app to the gadget. It has sharp sensors. They can detect any motion and sound.

Features & Characteristics Of SL-Cam App

This application has distinguishing features. We will discuss the main characteristics here. When we are aware of our product features, we will be better placed to operate the CMS. Let’s know them.

  • The app gives you live feeds. It captures videos and relays them without any time lag
  • It can connect more than 15 devices simultaneously
  • The software gives you authority to operate devices from your place
  • You can zoom in, talk, listen and instruct by sitting in your place
  • You can pan, tilt and zoom the PTZ gadget from your location
  • The app supports two-way audio
  • You can pass any message or convey an idea to the person on the device side
  • The software supports sensors. These sensors help in sensing suspicious activities. They can detect motion and sound
  • Any dubious activity is easily traceable by them
  • They send us alert messages and raise alarms sensing doubtful activities
  • The app supports pre-defined safety zones. Preset them. When anyone tries to cross that area, the app alerts you by blaring alarms and pushing messages
  • It gives continuous relay even in low networking areas
  • It can record clips, take images, and show you playbacks
  • It supports scanning the QR code to add the device
  • This application supports cloud server recording

How To Run Android Software On A PC?

An Android file is designed for Android smartphones. But if we want to view them on Windows OS or Mac OS, we have to go for Android Emulator apps or Cross-Platform apps.

We load any Android Emulator and then run the Wizard on that OS. Here, in our case, we download and install the Bluestacks application for watching SL-Cam on Windows devices and Mac devices.

There are many other cross-platform apps or Android emulator apps, you can go with them also.

Install SL-Cam For Windows OS

To install this SL-Cam For Windows app on the PC, we have to go to download and install the BlueStacks app on Windows PC. After that open the play store and search the SL-Cam app

Download it and install it on Bluestacks. Then we will log it in and go for adding the device. For that, we will scan the gadget. The device will be connected and cameras attached to the device will appear on the screen.

Install SL-Cam For Mac OS

To install the SL-cam for Mac, we will do a similar process as we have done for Windows. The Bluestacks or any other Android Emulator will support us to get it run for Macintosh PC. 

Android-Emulator will support getting it run on Macintosh PC. 

We will show below the step-by-step process to install the SL-Cam file for Windows OS. By following a similar methodology, we can do it for Apple PC.   

Install SL-Cam & Add The Gadget For Android OS

The installation and device management are done in three steps. The first step is the installation. In the second step we go for the login and the last step is about the device addition.

Step-1 Install The SL-Cam

To install the application for Android smartphones we go to the google play store. Search the SL-Cam and get the app.

The app will open a window with the SL-Cam. It will ask you to install the file. The moment you click the install button, it begins to load its content.

Press the install button. This page will open.

The file is loading its content. It will finish its loading in a jiffy. After the downloading and the installation process, When it is finished, it will ask you to log in to the application file.

Step-2 Log In to The Application File

When you go and click the signup button, it opens the following page.

Here, it is asking us to select the region. For that, we have to give the name of our region in the search box and press enter. The next page opens.

To, sign up you give a mail id. The organization sends the mail the verification code to check the veracity of the email and the user. Put in the code and click the next button.

This way we do the login for the app. Now, we will go to the next step. This step is about adding the gadget and connecting cameras.

Step-3 Device Addition & Monitoring

To add the device we have to click the “+” sign.

When we click it, this page opens.

When the device is connected, the cameras associated with the device also get connected and appear on the smartphone screen.

This we view cameras. We have shown here the complete installation, log in, and the device addition part for monitoring. The Android OS systematic analysis with images is given here for a proper understanding of device addition and monitoring.

Install SL- Cam Log In & Connect device For Windows

To connect the device, we have to install and log in to the app. For that, we have to download the BlueStacks software on Windows PC. SL-Cam is an Android Software, it can’t run on a PC. For that, we install the Bluestacks.

Install BlueStacks On Windows PC

To load this app, open the browser and search the Bluestacks page to install it. We have given here the download button for the installation. Click it to install. Then open the Bluestacks 5 link.

Click the “Install Now” button. It will begin to load.

After the installation is finished. This page opens. It is the homepage of the Bluestacks software.

Here, you see that the Windows OS is replaced with the Android OS.

Now we will go to load SL-Cam to view it on Windows PC. We have given here the step-by-step process for the software. You will find the downloading and device addition in three simple steps. Every step is supported by diagrams.

Step-1 Install The SL-Cam Software

To load the app on Bluestacks, open the play store and search the file to load.

Click the install button to load it on the PC. It will open the following page.

The app is loading. When it finishes loading, this page will appear.

The Wizard is installed. It is asking us to open the application file and log in. It is our second step.

Step-2 Log In The File

To log in, we have to open the installed app. This page appears.

It is asking us to sign in. If we have created the id and the password then we will go for sign-in. Otherwise, we will go to signup.

Before signing in, you have to register your region. Select it by searching the options.

Here, you have to register with an email. When you give an email id, you get a verification code on that id immediately.

Put in the verification code. After that press the next button.

The device gives you the option to create a password. This way through the email id and the created password, you be able to log in to the application. After it, we go to add the device for monitoring.

Step-3 Add The Gadget & Monitor

To add the gadget, we get the following window after the login.

Click the “+” sign for device addition. You will get to the next window where it will be searching for the devices.

It will search the device. The device is connected now. CCTV Cameras attached with it appear on the screen.

You have seen here that we have installed, logged in, and added the cam device. This is the way to load and install an Android application on Windows PC.


SL-Cam For PC application for Android system is thoroughly discussed here. You have found the step-by-step guide to installing the app for Android OS. You have also found the complete installation process for Windows OS. How it has been made possible by applying the Android Emulator app.

If you find any problem with the installation, logging in, or device addition, please share queries with us. We will reply to all queries with their possible solutions.

Thank You.


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