Install CamHi For PC App For Windows 8/10/11 & Mac OS

CamHi For PC is a software for CCTV surveillance. It is used to monitor many locations and their activities from remote locations. The software CamHi For PC is designed to protect and alert properties and people.

In this post, you will get a comprehensive study of the CamHi app. We will show you the installation of this file for Android Smartphones, Windows OS and Mac OS.

This CamHi For PC application is available only for the Android operating system. So, if we want to load it on Windows or Mac, it is technically impossible. 

Still, if we want to monitor our various locations from far off places, we have to take the resort of BlueStacks App. It is an Android Emulator. We will first download and install BlueStacks on Computers for Windows or Mac, then only this CamHi file will be installed on it. We will demonstrate it all in this article.

Know About CamHi For PC Application 

This application CamHi For PC is given for Android OS. You can load it on a smartphone. It is designed and manufactured by camHi. It is designed to add security devices with this app for monitoring.

This app can be accessed from remote locations. It means that you do have not to worry about security and safety. You can access this app from anywhere. It is easy to operate and function. It gives us many facilities, like, you can communicate with the person who is on the device end.

This app has a strong sensor. It can sense activity from movements and sounds. Thus it keeps them safe from every kind of threat.

You can operate the device from a remote location itself. The ptz camera can also be zoomed in, panned and tilted from any foreign area.

Features & Functions Of CamHi Application

This app has some bright features and functions. We are going to mention here some very special of them. These functions are important to know so that we can operate this application in the best possible manner.

  • Give images and videos in real-time
  • The video it captures has no time lag. 
  • It handles low networking areas and manages the continuous data flow for seamless video capturing.
  • The two-way audio is supported by this device. 
  • If someone is speaking something from the app side, it can be delivered to the person on the device side
  • It is a revolutionary technology as it multiplies security and safety. 
  • It is also used to hush away the suspects from the device. This feature is used to alarm and alert others. 
  • This device has a strong sensor. It can sense motion and audio. It captures anything suspicious and doubtful. 
  • You can make security zones with its help. 
  • Whenever anyone tries to enter that security zone, it pushes messages to you and raises an alarm. 
  • This product can be operated from remote areas. 
  • You can zoom in, watch playbacks, instruct others and operate PTZ cameras from anywhere. 
  • This product can record footage, take images and show you playbacks. 
  • You can also keep recording on the cloud server. 

Install CamHi For Android App

Install the CamHi app for Android OS. We have to go to the Google Play Store and search for the app. You can also find the link button given here to install the application file.

After installing the app, we will go to sign in. After signing up scan the QR code of the device and add the device. When it is added, the cameras connected with the device appear on the display screen.

Download CmaHi For Android

Install CamHi For Windows OS

This application is only available for Android devices. It is not available for Windows OS or Mac OS. But still, if you want to install this application on Windows and Mac, you have to take the help of the Android Emulator Apps.

We are going to show you the complete installation process, signing-in process, and device addition process.

Download Bluestack

Here, we will install the BlueStacks Android Emulator. After installing BlueStacks, we go to the homepage of this app and search the CamHi on the Play Store, install it and add the device. It is easy to install and operate. The figurative explanation will guide you to do it yourself.

Install CamHi For Mac OS

To install CamHi for Mac PC, we have to install BlueStacks on it first. BlueStacks Android Emulator is available for Mac OS. Install it and follow the same process as done for Windows OS. The process is almost the same for Mac and Windows.

Install CamHi, Sign In & Add Device For Android

We are going to show you here the installation process after monitoring for Android OS in 3 steps. In the first step, we will install the app. In the second step, we will show you the login process. In the third and final step, you will see, how to add the device for monitoring.

Step-1 Install The App

To install this app for Android click the link button. You can also get this file from the play store. Get the app and search it on it. The following page is open.

Click the install button. You will find this page. It is installing the file. It loads its content in a very short period.

The file is installing now. When it finishes, the file will send you a confirmation message.

This way, the first step is complete. The installation is done. Now we will move to the second step.

Step-2 Log In The App

To log in to the app, we will open the installed file. This page will appear on the screen. It will ask us to register the Id and the password for the file. Create an Id and a strong password.

After that press the register button. The following page will open. It will show us the homepage, where we will log in for connecting the device.

Now we will go to add the device. To connect the gadget, we will click the Scan the QR code button. This page will appear.

Step-3 Add The Device & Monitor Locations

This page appears. Click the Add Camera to connect.

When we add the cam, we reach scanning the QR Code. It will find and connect the gadget while scanning.

It will scan and find the device. This way we can add the device and monitor cameras.

The installation, logging in and monitoring process is complete now.

Install CamHi For Windows, Login & Add The Device For Monitoring

The application file is given for Androids. If we want to install it on Windows, then it is not possible. But, you can install the file when you install an Android Emulator App on your Windows PC.

We will install here BlueStacks to get the CamHi app on Windows.

It is a step by step process. When the Bluestacks is installed, we go to the homepage and open the play store to search the CamHi.

Step-1 Install CamHi File

Installing the CamHi, we have to open the BlueStacks homepage. There we have to open the play store and search for CamHi.

It will give us the following search result.

Press the Install button. When we press it, we get the downloading and installation started.

The app is being installed. It takes no time to finish installing. When the entire content is loaded, we receive a confirmation message. This way the installation process is over.

Step-2 Log In The CamHi App

To log in, we open the application file. It asks us to create an Id and the password for the login.

Here we have logged in successfully, it will ask us to add the device.

The device addition process is simple. Press the Add device option and it will ask you to connect the device by scanning the QR Code.

The device addition is our next step. We will add by scanning the QR Code.

Step-3 Device Addition & Monitoring

Click the scan button. The app will begin to scan the QR code of the device. The process takes only a fraction of a second.

It is scanning. After that, it connects the device. The associated cameras with the device appear on the display screen.

This way, the device addition completes. We connect the device. We can add many devices similarly.


The CamHi For PC Android Application is discussed here. We have learned here the advantages and uses of the product. It is very effective in connecting many security surveillance devices with it.

We have guided our users about its installation process for Android And Windows. The software is not available for PCs. To install them on Windows or Mac operating systems, we have to install BlueStacks first.

We have shown here all these steps with an explanation. The user will find it very handy.

If you have any queries regarding the CamHi file or the various steps mentioned here, please share them with us. We will explain them for a better understanding.

Thank You.

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