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This article is going to provide you with Smitch Secure for PC Android Application. This application is used to add security cameras to it and get monitoring from remote locations.

Smitch Secure for PC is Android software. This product is designed by Smitch Enterprise. You will find in this article about Smitch Secure for PC application files.

We have expressed here the comprehensive advantages of this CCTV Security application. You will get the installation process for Windows OS and Android OS here. 

The Software is Android based. We have given here, the step-by-step analysis from installing the product to adding the device and monitoring fr. or Android OS.

This Android software is not available for Windows & Mac PCs. So if we want to install it on Windows or Mac, it is not possible. We have to make our operating systems compatible with Android.

For that, we use Android Emulators. They are there to emulate the operating system. We will use BlueStacks Android Emulator. We will install it and then on its play store, we will install Smitch Secure.

The full illustration is given in the installation section for Windows. 

Why Is A CCTV Security App A Better Option For Monitoring? 

We always install CCTVs at important locations. We want to cover those areas and zones. It further means these places are of high interest to us. 

Either we use surveillance devices in our homes or workplaces. We want to monitor our family members, properties, employees or work in progress. 

This security software gives everything related to monitoring and security. We can monitor our sites with its help from any place. Thus, we have not to be present at locations all the time. We can move around and still watch activities. It allows the owner to engage in other activities without any sense of losing the track of monitoring. 

It enhances users’ productivity and mental peace.

Some Information About Smitch Secure For PC App

SMITCH is an Indian company. It deals in electronic security items and electrical items. It has many components that serve better in the security industry and electrical industry.    

This application is a composition of SMITCH. It is designed in such a way that it can connect security surveillance gadgets with it. The user can get access to these added devices from remote locations. It makes the monitoring easier and security stronger.

This software empowers its users by giving them the option to communicate with someone from the device end from your place. Irrespective of the fact that how far you are, you can speak, listen and watch. You can also operate devices from foreign locations.

These are only a few benefits. The detailed analysis is given below.

The Features & Functions Of Smitch Secure

There are many attributes. We are giving here a few more used functions.

  • It gives a live feed to users.
  • You receive images in real-time.
  • There is no time lag between video capturing and video relaying
  • This application is accessible from any place
  • You can operate devices from anywhere
  • You can zoom in, speak, listen and get alert calls from any place
  • It supports PTZ cams. You can pan them, tilt them and zoom them 
  • The two-way audio is supported by this product. You can communicate with the person on the device side.
  • You can pass instructions and listen to them
  • This feature is also used to chase away a threat by shouting at them
  • The product supports sensors. it can detect motion and audio
  • You can play recordings, take snaps and preserve playbacks from anywhere
  • The product supports cloud server recordings

Install & Add The device For Monitoring Smitch Secure For Android OS

When we go to install Smitch software on Android, we have to open the play store to get the application. It is also given here. Just click the download button and get the Smitch setup file for Android OS. Click the button.

Download For Android Smartphone

Step-1 Install The App

Now we have opened the play store, search the Smitch Secure file. This page will emerge. It is an Android file. Here, you will see the Install button. It is asking us to install the file.

When we click the Install button, it begins to load. It is a small file. It finishes quickly.

The file downloads and installs. It is an automatic process after pressing the Install button. When it finishes the installation, we receive a message.

The installation process is finished. Now we can open the app for the next step. The icon of the file will appear on the display screen of the Android device.

Step-2 Log In The File

Open the installed file. You will find this page. This page is about welcoming the app user and asking them to proceed with the process. Press the Get Started button.

When you press the get started button, this page appears on the screen.

This window is asking you to log in. You can log in by two methods. Either you log in with the Google mail Id or go for the Email login. Go the way that suits you more. Here, we have gone with the continue with the email option.

You will get this page. Generate a password and mention your mail-id. After that press the submit button.

This login page will appear. Log in with the mail id and the password you have generated. Press the login button. This way you are logged in.

Step-3 Add The Device & Monitor

When we log in to the setup file, we reach here. The app is guiding us to add the device by clicking the “+” sign. When we press this notification, we reach the next window.

After pressing the “+” sign, this application searches devices.

It searches devices and shows them on the screen. Select the device you have opted for and click on that. It will connect and add the cam to the app.

This way cameras associated with that device appear on the screen. Your monitoring begins.

The process to install log-in and add the device for androids is over now.

Install & Add The device For Monitoring Smitch Secure For Windows OS

When we go to install this app for Windows, then we come to know that an Android app can’t be downloaded on Windows. If we want to load this application then it is possible with an Android Emulator.

We will install here BlueStacks Android Emulator on Windows OS.

Install BlueStacks On Windows OS

Click the link given here. When you click it and install the application on Windows PC, then we can use it to install Smitch software on Windows. Open the BlueStacks play store. There we will search for the file to install.

Download BlueStacks 64 Bit

Step-1 Install The File

To install the app, open the BlueStacks play store and search Smitch Secure software. This page will appear on the screen.

Press the install button. It will begin to load the file.

The file is loading. It will install very quickly. After the installation, we get a notification page that the installation is finished.

This way the installation process is over.

We will now go to the next step. Here we will go for adding the device.

Step-2 Log In To The App

Open the installed software file. This page will appear on the screen.

It is welcoming us and asking us to start the login process. Click the ‘Get Started button. This page will open.

The software is asking us to select the mode of logging in. You can continue with Google or Continue with email. We have here continued with email. Press the requisite tab. Get to the next stage.

You will be logged in accordingly and simultaneously you have to create a password. After that, you will be able to log in.

We will go for the device addition process now.

Step-3 Device Addition & Monitoring

Log in to the application. This page will surface on the display screen. It is telling us to add the device.

Click the “+” sign. It is indicating to add the camera. When you click it, the following thing happens.

It is asking us to connect with the WiFi or connect it later. Choose as per your requirement.

This page shows us cameras. Select your camera and press it. You can add multiple cameras. The device connects and cameras appear on the screen.

This way we do monitoring with this application.

The process to install, log in and monitor is over now. We have guided you thoroughly here to install BlueStacks and then open its play store and do the process. The images are given for better comprehension.


The Smitch Secure for PC application is illustrated in this post. You had seen the installation process for Windows and Android. The step-by-step process is guided by images.

Please share your thoughts and opinions about the post. If you have queries regarding the process or the application, mention them in the comment section. We will respond to your queries accordingly.

Thank You.

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