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Hisee SE For PC is a surveillance software. It is an Android application. Hisee SE For PC is used to monitor the live telecast of sensitive locations.

This article will give an elaborate and step-by-step process to install, log in and add the devices with your Android operating system and Windows operating system.

Hisee SE For PC is very efficient in making us accessible by connecting all the smart cameras

We can continuously check on the activities from far-flung areas. This article will also enlighten you about the features and functions of Hisee SE For PC so that you can utilize this app in the best possible manner.

You will be informed of the installation process of this software on Android OS through this article. To install and run this application on Windows OS, you need to take the aid of Android Emulators. Here we will illustrate it with the help of the BlueStacks app.

With the assistance of Hisee SE For PC, you can monitor your offices, homes, workplaces, and yes pets too.

Why Do We Need A CCTC Monitoring App?

We need a CCTV monitoring app to keep us connected with the cameras that are installed in sensitive locations for the sake of safety.

They facilitate us by serving our interests and keeping our vigilance. These apps have valuable features and functions that will make access even easier.

They facilitate us by serving our interests and keeping our vigilance. These apps are packed with valuable features and functions that will make access even easier.

We can take snaps and record with the help of software as well. Applications like Hisee SE For PC  allow us to share our views with our family and friends thus making it enjoyable to share fun things.

We can catch up on any activity happening without us.

Features like two-way conversations and live telecasts are worth it.

These applications also have sensors. The sensors will simply inform us of any ill-activity and thus save us from loss.

We can also pan, tilt and zoom on any object as per our wish and will.

Understand Hisee SE For PC Application Better

Hisee SE For PC is a CCTV surveillance software to make sensitive locations accessible from remote locations. You will find Hisee SE For PC  version 5.1072.1.8934 on google play. It has 100,000+ downloads too.

This app belongs to a Chinese company. 

We will illustrate in full detail the steps required to install it on your Android OS and will also help you install it on your Windows OS with the support of Bluestacks. It has PTZ features along with video playback and motion detection to caution us.

Features & Functions Of Hisee SE For PC Application

To utilize this app at its optimum potential, you should be thoroughly informed of its features and functions. Down here you will find all the important functions and features you will need while using this.

  • You can easily access history videos anytime because it provides a remote video playback function.
  • You can have real-time two-way conversations from remote locations.
  • You can convey important messages through its help.
  • This app supports PTZ cameras.
  • For broadening your view you can pan, tilt and zoom in on any object according to your convenience.
  • You can have the access to real-time or live viewing.
  • It will support you and inform you from distant places.
  • You can comfortably share your camera view with your close friends and family.
  • You also have motion detection reminders for real-time information.
  • You can capture events and relay them.
  • You will also enjoy the feature of speaking, listening, and remote monitoring.
  • It is eligible enough to connect with QR Code.
  • It too can be added manually by IP Address.

Install, Log In & Add Devices To Monitor Hisee SE For Android OS

If you want to install Hisee SE For PC file on Android OS, you have to first get the application set-up file. It is given on the play store. You can also get this file by pressing the download button given here.

Click the button. You will get the application file.

Download For Android

After that, the following process will take you to monitor.

Step-1 Install Hisee SE For PC On Android

When you open the set-up file, this page will appear.

There is an Install button given on the window. Click it to load the software.

The file is loading. It loads in a wink. When the installation part is over, it will send a notification.

This window is indicating that the file is installed. This way we installed the software on Android devices. The first step is complete.

We will move to the second step. It is about logging in to the app.

Step-2 Log In To The App

We will go to log in to the file. For that, we open the installed software.

It is the Policy Agreement page. Read the agreement policy, when you are ready, press the Agree button. The next page will emerge.

It is the log-in page. If you are using this file for the first time, go for the signup option. Click the signup button.

It will open the next window and ask you to register the email id.

After the email registration, the software will guide you to create a password.

Create a password and press the next button. The log-in page will show up.

Mention the email and password on the login page and press the log-in tab. You will be able to log in to the application.

Step-2 Add The Device & Monitor

Now, we go to add the device. For it, we log in to the app. This page appears.

It is the device addition page. Click the “+” sign.

It will open a list of cameras and NVRs. Click the type of device you want to add. When you select your option, you reach here.

Select the network type to monitor cameras online.

After that, the device appears on your screen. The monitoring begins.

This way we install Hisee SE For PC and login it to monitor, after adding the device.

Install, Log In & Add Devices To Monitor Hisee SE For Windows OS

When we go for the installation of Hisee SE For PC Android software on Windows PC, we get stuck with a problem. An Android file can’t be loaded on Windows OS.

The solution is to install Android Emulator. An Emulator simulates Android software and it can be compatible with any other operating system. We will install BlueStacks Android Emulator.

Install BlueStacks On Windows OS

The download button is given below. Get it to install the app. Click the button to download and install BlueStacks on Windows.

Download BlueStacks 32 Bit Download BlueStacks 64 Bit

The file is given in 32 bits and 64 bits. It depends on the kind of system you are using. The application is given in a zipped file. Decompress it before the installation.

After the installation, open Hisee SE For PC on BlueStacks Play Store.

Step-1 Install The App On Windows OS

Open the set-up file on Windows. This page will emerge.

It is the opening page. Press the install button to load the file.

The app will begin to load. It will install in a quick time.

We get this notification from the software file. It reads that the software is installed successfully.

Step-2 Log In to The File

Open the installed file. It will open the agreement page.

Read it and if satisfied, press the Agree tab. The next page will surface.

It is the log-in page. Press the sign-up tab, if you are using it for the first time.

Then you have to register an email id. After that, it will ask you to register a password. Create it and then go to the log-in page for logging.

When you log in, the new window will show up. It is for Adding the device.

Step-3 Adding The Device & Monitor

Press the “+” tab.

When you press it the device list will open. Select the device you want to add.

It will give you a device list, then you have to select the network. When you add everything, the device connects and the camera shows up on the Windows screen.

The monitoring process starts. We installed the app, logged it in, added the gadget, and monitored the site


You have seen here in the article the installation process for Android and Windows. For Windows, we have taken the process of BlueStacks Android Emulator. We have mentioned the installation process, step by step here.

If you find issues in installing, logging, or adding Hisee SE For the PC app, please share them with us. We will define the problem and cut out a solution.

Thank you.

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