Yale CCTV For PC Download Free For Windows 8/10/11 & Mac

Yale CCTV For PC is an Android Software. It connects the device and shows you on Smartphone. You will get here the guidance for installing Yale CCTV For PC and monitoring the device for the Android operating system.  

You will also find the complete illustration to install and operate devices for Windows and Mac operating systems. You will learn here the step-by-step process for setting up the app.

It is not possible to install an Android application on a PC. We will show you how to do it for Windows and Mac. It is possible with the support of Android Emulators. BlueStacks is an Android Emulator. We will take its help to install the software on a PC.

Why We Need A CCTV Monitoring Software?

A CCTV monitoring software like Yale CCTV For PC is used to monitor sites and locations from far away places. It connects gadgets installed at sites and shows you activities on Smartphones and PCs.

A CCTV monitoring App enables its users to operate devices from their location. You can speak to someone, listen to others or zoom in on any object.

The software is intelligent enough to alert users. Whenever it senses anything suspicious or dubious it sends messages and raises alarms. This way, it protects us and secures us. The real-time relay keeps users in touch with activities.

What is Yale CCTV For PC?

Yale is a US-based company. It has a very enriching and inspiring business history. It started way back in 1840 in New Port. Their first products were locks for homes and banks. 

From there to manufacturing CCTV Surveillance Products, this company has a history of quality and durability. This Yale software is another success story of their efforts. It protects and secures your business and people.

It is given for Android-based devices. But we can run it and install it on other operating systems with the help of Cross-platform apps.
This software can be accessed from any location. It means whether you are available at the devices’ location or anywhere else you can easily supervise from any place.

Features & Functions Of Yale Application

There are many prominent features of this software. Some of them are given here. Use these features to operate the product to gain maximum advantage from it.

  • It gives its users a live feed.
  • There is no time lag in watching activities and their happenings. 
  •  You can get access to devices from any remote locations
  • You can operate functions from the devices from any place
  • You can zoom in on any object, instruct someone or listen to people
  • It supports PTZ devices. You can pan, tilt or zoom them. 
  • The app can record, and show you playback from your place
  • You can take snaps and embed any activity
  • The software supports two-way audio
  • You can pass any message or listen to a communication
  • This feature is useful in alerting people on the device end. If you feel any threat, you can raise an alarm by yelling at suspects. It will make others aware
  • The sensors used in it are strong. They sense motion and audio.
  • You can pre-define a sensitive zone and mark it. The sensors will alert you when anyone tries to transgress in those areas. 
  • It supports cloud server recordings

How To Install Yale CCTV For Android App On Smartphones?

To install this application on an Android-based application, we have to open the google play store. We can also get this application by clicking the download button.

Download For Android Smartphone

When we open it, we will look for Yale CCTV software. Search it on the play store. You will find the following page.

This page is showing the software file we want to install. Press the install button. It will open a new page with a new set of instructions.

It is showing you various options. You have to give this app access to all these fields. If you are ready for that press the Accept button. If you don’t want to give this app access to these widgets, then press the back button. The app will not be loaded then.

When we press the Accept button, the following window surfaces.

It is showing that the software has started loading the file. The downloading process is simple. It finishes in a few seconds only.

When it has installed the software, you will get a notification. This page will appear. It is indicating that the setup file is installed successfully. This way we set up this app on a smartphone.

Our ultimate aim to install this app is to add devices and monitor them from anywhere. To serve the purpose we have to go further.

We open the installed application. This page opens.

The page instructs us to add the device by clicking on the “+” sign.

Click the sign. It will guide you further with the new window.

You can add the device by two methods. Either you can connect with the serial number or you can add it with the IP address.

When you connect the device with the IP address then you have to give the Device name, Username, Password, IP address, and Port number. Give these details and press the OK button.

It will search the device and connect with this IP address. This way you can add the device and monitor the location.

When you connect the device with the serial number, you have to fill in the details of the Device Name, Username, Password, and Serial number. A serial number can be manually filled or get by scanning the QR Code. After that press the OK button.

This way the device will be connected and we can monitor our property and work.

The monitoring begins. This is the process to install the software and monitoring cameras for Android OS.

How To Install, Login & Monitor Yale CCTV For Windows App

If you want to install Yale Software on Windows or Mac, then it is directly not possible. Yale is an Android App. It can’t be downloaded and installed on Windows operating systems.

To get it installed on Windows, we have to take the help of the Android Emulator app. There are many Emulators, you can choose any one of them. We are selecting BlueStacks for our purpose here.

Install BlueStacks On Windows OS

We will install BlueStacks first and then only go to set up the Yale app. We have chosen BlueStacks because it is more famous and reliable. Another reason is that it is easy for users.

After the installation, open the BlueStacks app store to search for the required software to install. We are giving here the download button for BlueStacks Android Emulator.

Download BlueStacks 64 Bit

Download BlueStacks 32 Bit

Install Yale App On Windows

To install, we open the BlueStacks play store and search the Yale setup file.

This page appears.

The next step is to install the app by clicking the Install button. You press it and it starts loading the file on BlueStacks.

The file is loading. It loads all its contents in a few seconds. After that, a page surfaces that declares that the installation is finished successfully.

When the installation part is over you can open the app.

Log In To The App & Add The Device

After the installation, you will find the app icon on the BlueStacks menu page. Open it. It will ask you to log in with a valid mail ID and add the device. This page will show up on the screen.

Click the “+” sign to add the device. You will receive this window.

When you add the device by the serial number, then you have to fill in the Device name, the username, the password, and the serial number. You can manually write the serial number or get it by scanning the QR code. After that press the OK button.

You can also add the device by adding the IP address. Give the address, username, and password, and press the ok button. The device will connect through the IP address now and monitoring will begin.

This way we monitor on Windows PC.


Yale CCTV For PC software is illustrated here. The installation process is detailed here for Android and Windows. The step-by-step analysis supported with images and comments has been demonstrated for user clients.

The features and functions are given to understand the product better. The installation with the help of BlueStacks Android Emulator is represented for Windows OS. A similar process will be followed for Mac OS.

If you have queries regarding the application, process, or device addition, please share them in the comment section. We will show our best efforts to provide solutions to you.

Thank You.

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