SpotCam for PC Free Download For Windows 8/10/11 & Mac OS

SpotCam For PC is used to connect cameras from different locations. This app gives you access to devices from remote locations. You can add more than 15 devices at a time and get them monitored from any location.

This article gives you a complete explanation of the installation process for Windows and Mac. SpotCam for PC app is given for Android. It can be run on Android-based software. 

But if you have to run SpotCam For PC on Windows PC and Mac PC, get the support of Android Emulator apps

The installation process is defined with images and expressions. The process is covered in three different steps. You will find them in the next section of the article. 

The link button is also given for Android OS. The installation process for BlueStacks Android Emulator is also suggested and defined to help users.

Know About SpotCam For PC Application

This software is designed and manufactured by Spotcam company. It is a Taiwanese company. It was instituted in 2013. This company has surveillance products and the work culture of this organization is very innovative. 

This organization designs products based on the latest technologies and needs. This organization has started its journey with the idea of video streaming. Since then, it has covered a long and successful journey. 

SpotCam for PC software is an active and smart product. It can sense activities, take decisions and suggest to you the course of action. It can listen to a conversation and help you in communicating and commanding. Through this app, you get live feeds. 

Main Features & Functions Of SpotCam Software

Spotcamp has many prominent features. Some of them are given here. These features and functions are important to know. The deeper and better we know these characteristics, the better positioned we are to use them.

  • This product gives us a live feed
  • There is no time lag
  • The product uses low- networking area technology. 
  • With it, it can adjust data in low networking areas and maintain the flow of the data continuously. 
  • There is no discontinuity in video relaying and video capturing. 
  • You can operate the device from remote areas. 
  • You can access the installed gadgets from anywhere. 
  • The product allows you to speak, listen and monitor from foreign locations. 
  • You can instruct, communicate or call a person through it. 
  • The app supports ptz cameras. Panning, tilting and zooming are no problem. 
  • The two-way audio feature is supported by this device. 
  • You can pass an order, convey a message or listen to someone through it. 
  • It supports sensors. 
  • It has a strong and high sensitivity. 
  • The motion and detection can be easily sensed by the product. 
  • You can set activities in advance
  • Whenever any doubtful activity happens, the product informs you. 
  • It sends alert messages and triggers alarms.

How To Use An Android App On PCs?

To run Android apps on PC we will take the help of Android emulators and cross-platform apps. Suppose you have to run an Android app on Windows PC then you will install an emulator on the Windows operating system.

BlueStacks is a powerful Android Emulator application. We will download BlueStacks on Windows and then open the Play Store on the BlueStacks homepage. Then, we will look for the Android app. Here in this case SpotCam For PC app will be searched. 

Download BlueStacks 64 Bit

The complete installation process, the login process, and the device addition process have been illustrated in the next section for Windows to give users a live demo. 

Download BlueStacks 32 Bit

Install SpotCam For Android Emulator OS

If you want to install this app for Android OS, then open the play store on your smartphone and search for the Spotcam app.

Download For Android Smartphone

Install it and it will be installed in a very short period of time. When the installation is finished it will inform you. 

The comprehensive installation process for Android OS is given with images and comments. You can get a detailed perspective from there.

Install SpotCam For Windows OS

For Windows PC, you have to install the BlueStacks first. You can get the BlueStacks link in the post. Install it on Windows PC. Then open the homepage of BlueStacks. You’ll find the Play Store option. Open the option and search for the SpotCam.

You will find Spotcam software. Install it by running the setup application file. We have given the complete illustration process, login process, and device addition process in the below section. It is covered in 3 steps. The step-by-step analysis is supported with images and expressions. It will surely and certainly help users to install Android software on Windows PC.

Install SpotCam Log In & Add Devices On Android OS

We are going to show you the complete installation and monitoring process for Android OS. The link is given in the download button form. It is also given on the google play store. 

Step-wise, it is detailed here.

Step-1 Install The Software

For installing the file. press the application file link, given in the download button. It will open a window for you. It is in the play store.

You have to install it. Press the button and it will start loading on your smartphone.

The file is loading. It will finish in a minute. When loading is complete, you will get a notification that the installation is finished.

This way step-1 is complete. Now we will move to the next step. Here, we will try to log in to the file.

Step-2 Log In To The App

When we go to log in, we have to open the installed app and then this page will show up.

We will go for the signup. Press the sign-up button. The next page will come on view.

When you press the sign-up button, it asks you to generate an Id and password. For Id, you need to have a mail Id. Create a strong password. Press the log-in button.

This way you will be able to log in to the software file. The homepage will appear and you will be able to connect devices.

Step-3 Connect The Device & Monitor Cameras

When we log in, the following page surfaces.

The image shows, cameras that are available in the range to connect. You select your device. It will ask you to either scan the QR code of the gadget or manually add the gadget through the IP address.

This way, you will be able to connect the device.

The device connects and shows up on the display screen. This way we install SpotCam, log in and add the device to Smartphone.

Install SPotCam For Windows, Sign In & Add Devices For Windows PC

Download and Install BlueStacks App on Windows operating system. After that open the play store on the BlueStacks. Search the Spotcam app and install it.

Step-1 Install Spotcam On Windows PC

To install the file, open the play store of Blustacks Android Emulator. Search the Spotcam For a PC file. It will show up on the following page.

Press the install button. It starts to load the file.

The file is loading. It loads and informs you when loading is completed. The process takes less than a minute.

It is asking us to open the file. It means the installation is finished.

Now we will move to the next step, where we will log in to the file.

Step-2 Log In To The App

To log in, open SpotCam. It will show you this page.

Click the sign-up button.

Give a mail Id. It will send a verification code to you. Fill it in and create a strong password of your choice. You will reach here.

Press the sign-up button. You have logged in to the app. This way you will go to log in. You will find the homepage of the file.

Now we will move into the next step. It is for adding the device and monitoring cameras.

Step-3 Connect The Device & Monitor

When you are on the homepage, it will ask you to add the device. Press that button and add.

Press the three horizontal lines on the top right-hand corner. It will guide you to connect the device. Follow the instructions. You will find your device on My SpotCam. When you click it, cameras show up.


SpotCam For PC is designed for Android OS. In this post, we have guided you to use it on PCs. We have shown you the full illustration process for Windows OS and Android OS. It will guide users for a smoother installation.

Share your queries with us, if you find issues in installing or loading or logging in, or device adding. We will try our level best to resolve queries and assist you.

Thank You

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