Download blurams For PC Free For Windows 8/10/11 & Mac OS

Blurams For PC app is an Android-based software designed to connect many security surveillance devices. This app is designed by Bluerams Smart Home Company. It is a popular that can sense any activity and give you the freedom to speak, listen and see. 

Here, in this article, we are going to give you the complete illustration process for installing blurams for PCThis app is specially designed for Android OS. We will show you here the demonstration for installing, logging in and adding the device for Android OS smartphones

You’ll also learn the installation process for Windows OS and Mac OS. This application is not given for PCs but with the help of Android emulators, we will guide you to install this fie, log in and add the device.

We have given you the download link for Android OS. We have also shown you here, how to use BlueStacks Android Emulator to install blurams for PC. The loading and the installation application process have been suffused with images and figures to make the understanding easier for users.

Basic Informations Regarding The blurams For PC App 

The parent company name is Hangzhou Vision Insight Technology Ltd. It is a Chinese company. The brand name is blurams. it is a very popular and reliable brand. Bluerams company is a manufacturer and marketer of security surveillance products.

This company has many products which are smart, intelligent and equally competent. It has IP cameras, HD cameras, Artificial Intelligence products and instruments, doorbells, Access System

The performance of these products is highly praiseworthy. They are recognised throughout the world. Its services are considered to be great. This application for Android is very smart software. It provides you with live feeds. The powerful sensors give us mental peace and full-fledged security.

Features & Functions Of blurams For PC App

There are many advantageous features of this product. Here, we are giving some prominent features. To know these functions are important. When you know them, you can use them. The features also indicate the quality of the software.

  • This product provides you with a live feed
  • There is no time gap between footage capturing and its relying. 
  • It can connect more than 15 devices at a time. 
  • You can access this software from any remote place. 
  • This powerful application allows you to handle devices from remote locations. 
  • You can zoom, tilt, talk or listen to any individual with the help of this software. 
  • It supports PTZ cameras. You can pan, tilt and zoom ptz cameras by sitting at your location. 
  • The product supports two-way audio. 
  • You can convey any message, listen to any conversation or pass any instruction with the help of this feature.
  • The file supports sensors
  • Sensors can detect motion and audio. 
  • You can pre-define sensitive zones. 
  • It keeps the suspect and threat at a good distance away.
  • Because senses alert and alarm to protect users’ safety. 
  • When anyone enters these zones, the alarm triggers and a message pushes to the smartphones of the respective clients.
  • It can add any device by scanning the QR code.

Install blurams For Android OS

To install this app on smartphones, you have to click the download button. You can also get this application from Google Play Store. Click the install button and get the entire content downloaded. 

Download For Android

After that installation, you have to log in to the device. In the end, we will go for adding the device to monitor our locations.

You will find the complete installation, log in and the device addition process in 3 steps.

The first step is about installing the app. The second step is about signing up for the application. In the third and last step, you will find the device addition process. You will also find images and figures at every point. They will make the comprehension better.

Install blurams For Windows App

Downloading and installing of blurams app for Windows is directly not possible. Application is available for Android OS, so it can only be installed on an Android-based operating system. If you want to install the app for Windows then you have to take the help of an Android emulator. 

BlueStacks is an Android Emulator app. To install the Android-based App, we have to install BlueStacks first on our Windows PC. We install BlueStacks then open the Play Store and search for blurams. We will demonstrate the step-by-step process to install, login, and device adding. 

Download Bluestacks 64 bit

Install blurams For Mac OS

If you try to install this app for Mac PC, you have to download BlueStacks Android Emulator and install it on your Apple PC first. After that, open the app store and go for blurams to install on Macintosh PC. The process is almost the same as for Windows. You can get the complete installation process as shown for Windows.

Install blurams, Login & Connect Devices For Android OS

The process is shown in three steps. The first step is for installing the product. The second step is given for sign up for the application. The third step is for device addition. Get them here with a full explanation and demonstration.

Step-1 Installing The blurams App

When we go to install this app, we click the link button to get the file or go to the play store for it. The following page opens.

Open the play store and search the blurams app. The above page will appear. Click the install button. The app will begin to load.

The file will be downloaded in no time. When the installation is finished, the app will send us a notification that the installation is successfully finished.

This way the installation process is over. We will now go to the signing up of the software.

Step-2 Log In to The App

Open the installed app. It will ask you to accept the terms and conditions of the app. Accept it. The next page is about signing in the product.

It is asking us to sign in to the product. Since we are using it for the very first time, we will go to sign up for the device. Press the sign-up button.

Here it is asking us to give the email address. It is also the user ID. Put it there and press the next step.

The user ID and the password are generated. Through them, we will log in to the file. When we log in we reach the homepage of the application file.

Step-3 Device addition

We open the home page and click the Add device + option to add the device. Click that. The device will begin to connect.

Press the + sign to add the device.

The product will search the device and add them. The monitoring starts.

This is the process to install and monitor the device for Android OS.

Install blurams For Windows, Sign Up & Add The Device

Here we will guide users to monitor blurams Android files on Windows OS. To view this Android app on PCs, we will install the BluStacks file first. After that, we will open the play store on BluStacks and install blurams.

Step-1 Install blurams On Windows PC

We will open the homepage of BlueStcks.

Open the play store and search the file. The searched page will appear.

Press the install button to load the file. It begins to download immediately.

The software is installed. It finishes in no time. When the file is installed successfully, we receive a confirmation message.

This way the app installed and the process is finished.

Step-2 Log In The File

The app is installed. We open it and the following page appears.

This is the agreement window. If you are agreed with companies terms and policies, accept the agreement by pressing the Agree button. This page will display on your screen.

The file will ask you to select your region and press the continue button after that.

You will see the log-in page here. There are two options available. The login option and the signup option. When we use the file for the very first time, we go for sign up. Once the Id and the password are generated, we will log in to the app every time. Press the Signup button.

Here, you have to select the user Id option. Your mail Id will be your user Id. It will send you a verification code on the said mail id.

Ope your mail Id for the verification code, put it, and press for the next step.

The product will ask you to create a password. Create a strong password. Once the password I created, you will be automatically logged in. The homepage of the app will show up. It is about adding the device.

Step-3 Device Addition & Monitoring

The following page will open.

Press the Add Device + sign to connect the device.

A list of devices will appear which are in the range. Select your device.

The product is connecting the file.

Cameras show up on the screen after the pairing of the device. This way we add devices. We can add more devices by following the same process.


The blurams for PC software are designed for Android OS. We have learned here how it can be uploaded and installed for Windows OS and Mac OS. We also detailed the process for Android Emulators.

You will find here the download link for the Android blurams file and the BlueeStacks. Click them to go through deeper. The advantages and functions of the file are explained thoroughly for better usage of the product.

If you have any issues using this app, please share your problems with us. We would love to solve your queries.

Thank You.


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