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NexHT Home for PC Download On Widows 8/10/11 Mac OS

NexHT Home for PC is a CCTV CMS Wizard. This software is used to connect many surveillance devices with it. So that we can monitor them on PC and smartphones. The CMS is available for Android OS

Here, in this article, we will illustrate how can you install the app for Windows and Mac. You will also get here the complete installation process of NexHT Home for PC. 

We have given here, the methodology to download and install the app on a PC with the help of Bluestacks. It is an Android Emulator. An Android emulator is the software that supports downloading and installing Android-based applications on PCs. 

What is NexHT Home Application?

It is an organization that deals in the Accessories business. The name of the parent company is Inland Production. This company has brands like NexHT, NexHOME, and NuGiant. The wall mount, outlet surge protector, and projector screen are very famous products of the organization.

The organization was established some thirty years back. Since then it has been providing great services and products. This NexHT Home CMS wizard is an app that is used to associate multiple devices for remote action. The software can connect 20 devices with it at a time. 

What Are The Main Features Of NexHT Home For PC Application?

This application is extremely sensitive & intelligent. It has robust features and great functions. Know them to operate the software optimally. 

  • It is a CMS that can show you a panoramic view. You can use it for business and at home.
  • This CMS provides you with a real-time feed. There is no time lag between video capturing and onscreen relaying
  • This software can be used at home, office, factory, anywhere
  • The CMS supports cloud server recording. It keeps data on the cloud in an encrypted form. Thus keeping the security intact.
  • The Wizard features a free mobile cloud application on Android and iPhone. The streaming is based on the network bandwidth
  • It supports wifi and a hotspot to connect the device
  • Approximately 20 devices can be connected to it
  • This application supports a two-way audio function. This way you can communicate with the person on the other end of the device
  • This function is also used to horrify the threat or suspect who barged into the property. You can raise alarm and alert others
  • The CMS Wizard supports sensors. It can sense any sound and motion.
  • It sends you alert messages and raises alarms for you

Install NexHT Home For Android OS

When we go to install this file on Android, then the first thing is to get the NexHT Home link file. We have given here the link for this software. You can also get this file on the google play store. Click the file to load and install. 

We are giving here every step to install the file. It is given in three different steps. The first step is regarding the downloading and the installation. The second step is for logging in to the application. The third step is about adding the device and monitoring cameras. Get the link to begin the loading process.

Install NexHT Home for Windows

Here, you will get the complete installation process for Windows. It is given here with images and illustrations for user clients.

It is an Android-based app. So, you can’t directly load it on Windows. The company doesn’t give any download link for the software. But if we want to monitor it on Windows operating system then it is possible with an Android emulator app.
We will watch cameras by using Bluestacks App.

Install NexHT Home For Mac OS

There is no link for Mac OS. To install this Android-based software, we will run it with the support of the Bluestacks app.

After running the Android emulator, we will open the play store and search for the application. After that install it. A detailed analysis of installation is given for Windows. A similar method will be used for Macintosh PC.

Install, Log In & Add Device On Android Smartphone

Here, we will go in three steps. It is a complete figurative demonstration of the installation till monitoring for Android OS.

Step-1 Install The App

To install the root file, we first search the app on the google play store and then click open the page to load the root file.

The window is asking us to install the root file for the software. The moment we press the install button, it begins to load.

The app installs in a few seconds. Then, it indicates us with a message. It means that the software is stored successfully.

As we see, it is mentioned that the installation is complete. This way the file is loaded. We will now go for the second step. It is for signing up of the application.

Step-2 Log In The Software

The app icon is on the display screen of the mobile. Click open it to go for the next stage. It will ask you to select the region first. This option is to check the veracity of the client. Give your region and then go for the next instruction.

The moment you select your region, it asks you for signing up. If you have already generated the Id and password, then go for sign in otherwise go for Signup and generate them.

this way we sign up. After that, we go to the next step. It is for adding the device and monitoring cameras.

Step-3 Device Addition & Monitoring

When we logged in, it takes us to the next step. It is for adding the device.

Click the + sign to add the gadget. When you click the sign, it asks you to scan the device. Go for it.

We have to scan the gadget. When we scan the gadget the device scanned and add. When it is added, the cameras connected with it also appears on the screen.

This way we install the NexHT App on an Android mobile phone and monitor home, office, & institution.

Install NexHT Home For Windows & Connect Device With BlueStacks

Here, we will show you the complete loading and monitoring process. It is dealt with here in three steps. You will get every step and point here with an illustrative examples.

Step-1 Install NexHT Software

To install the app on Windows, download Bluestocks on Windows OS. After getting that Android Emulator on the OS, you have to go to the play store and look for the NexHT app.

Search the application on the play store

Now look for the software to install by searching it.

The app appears here. Click the install button to load the file.

It takes only a few moments to load the file. After the complete loading, the app will notify you.

The software is asking you to open it. It indicates that the content is loaded successfully. The icon will show on the Bluestocks screen. The software is installed now. The step-1 is completed. Now we will go to step 2.

Step-3 Sign In to The App

To sign in to the app, you have to open the icon of the installed app. It opens with the following instruction.

here, you have to select your region. After pressing the enter button. It will show you the next window to signup for the app.

If you have created the Id and the password, then go for sign-in. Otherwise, go for sign up. For signing up, you have to create them. This way you will be able to add the device. If you are not logged in the software will not support you to add the device.

Now, we will go to the third step of the process. We will add the device to monitor our properties and work.

Step-3 Adding Devices & Monitoring Cameras

We will go to add the device by following the instructions of the app.

Click the “+” sign to add the gadget. It will ask you to scan your device.

The device will be added after the scanning. After that, the app will give you certain instructions. Follow them and cameras connected with the device will appear on the screen. You can add many gadgets by the same method.

This way we load the file, log in to it and then connect the gadget for monitoring.


This NexHT Home for PC CMS Wizard is specially designed for Android users. It is given here in detail to install it on Android and Windows. Every step is covered with images and explanations. The user can easily understand it.

Loading this Android application on Windows and Mac is a bit tricky because you have to go in the resort of cross-platform software. The user can easily understand the explanation and process given here.

If you find any issues in loading, installing, and adding, please consult us. We will handle the issue for a better solution.

Thank You.


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