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HYU Connect For PC Free Download For Windows 10/11 & Mac

HYU Connect For PC is an Android application. It is used to monitor sites and locations covered with CCTV devices. The HYU Connect For PC product makes these locations available on smartphones and PCs. 

This application is smart. It can sense activities and suggest you accordingly. You can use HYU Connect For PC applications from any place. 

This article comprises the details of the HYU Connect For PC app. It will give you the advantages and special features of this product. You will find the illustration of the installation process for this application on Android OS and Windows OS

It is an Android file. It can be loaded and installed on an Android device. Loading it on Windows or Mac is a bit different. We can’t install an Android application on Windows or Mac PC.

To install it on Windows we will take the measure of Android Emulator. We will use BlueStacks Android Emulator for installing HYU Connect For PC on Windows. You will get the process in the next section of the article. 

Do CCTV Monitoring Apps Make the Surveillance Easier?

Yes, CCTV applications make the monitoring process so profound. You can access your location from any place and anywhere. More than that, you can handle and use the devices from your place. 

It means, you are 200 km away from your site, you are monitoring your site and you need a closer look at an object, you can zoom in from there. You can also communicate with people from your zone. 

You can pass a message, instruct someone and listen to them. You can even click snaps and check past activities. It means all those features, which are possible from being present at the site are also possible from far away. 

It gives users authority and command. You feel relaxed and can do your bits in a more focused way. 

Know More About HYU Connect For PC Software

It is a monitoring application that can be loaded on Android devices and PCs to vigil sites and locations. It connects to security surveillance devices and makes them available on the display screen. 

It is designed and marketed by the HYU-CONNECT app is designed to work with HYUNDAI NextGen DVRs, NVRs, and IP cameras which support Cloud P2P function. 

It permits you to live to view your cameras remotely. All you need to do is create an account and add a device to the account. After that, you can enjoy real-time video from cameras on a global scale

Main Features & Functions Of HYU Connect

This is a versatile app. it has numerous functions. We are mentioning here a few of them. These characteristics are used more often when we operate the application to monitor devices.

  • It provides us with a real-time view
  • The footage and images the app relays have no time lag
  • It can be accessed from any place.
  • The advanced technology used in this app makes the continuous flow of the data.
  • It auto-corrects data in the low networking areas and doesn’t trip
  • The devices can function from remote areas. You can zoom in or converse with it
  • It supports PTZ cameras
  • It connects devices by scanning the QR Code.
  • It can also manually connect by adding the IP address.
  • You can speak and listen to someone with the help of two-way audio.
  • The sensors can detect motion and audio.
  • It triggers alarms and pushes messages sensing any threat or doubtful activity 
  • You can playback and click images from far-flung areas

Install, Log In & Add The Device To Monitor HYU Connect For Android OS

When you go to install this file on Android, you have to get the application file. The file is available on the play store. It is also given in the form of a link button below. Click the button to get the set-up file.

When you open it, the following window opens.

Download For Android Smartphone

Step-1 Install HYU Connect For PC

To install it, open the setup file. This page appears.

Press the Install button. It will begin to load on Android devices. The size of the file is small.

The file is downloading.

It will load all its content and after that, you will get the notification that the app is installed.

This page shows that the installation is complete.

The next step is to log in to the app.

Step-2 Log In To The File

To log in to the file, we click the installed app. This window comes.

You have to select the region. Here we have selected our region. Press the OK button. The next page surfaces.

It is the login page. It will guide the first-time users of the app to register their mail IDs and password before logging in.

Register a mail Id. After that register the password. With the mail id and password now log in to the file.

This is the login process to the software.

Step-3 Add The Device & Monitor

When going for adding the device, open the software file and log it in. This page emerges.

You are seeing the “+” file. it is about the device addition. Press it to connect the gadget. It will guide you further.

The app is scanning the device. It will add the device and cameras will show up on the Android display screen.

This way we install HUY Connect For PC file, log in to it and connect the device.

Install, Log In & Add The Device To Monitor HYU Connect For Windows OS

When we go to install the HUY app on Windows OS then we face an issue. Technically, no Android file can be installed on Windows OS or Mac OS. For this, we have to take the support of Android Emulator.

We will use BlueStacks here to install this file.

Install BlueStacks Android Emulator On Windows OS

There are two link buttons given below. You can install any one of them. It depends on the system configuration. Click the button to get this file.

This link button is given in a compressed file format. You have to extract the file to load and install it on Windows PC. Get the link and press it.

Download BlueStacks 32 Bit

Download BlueStacks 64 Bit

Step-1 Install HUY Connect For PC

To install this file, we open the application set-up page. We find this window.

Press the install button. It will begin to load.

The file is loading. It will finish in a wink.

The installation is finished.

Step-2 Log In To The Software

Click open the installed file. This page appears.

Select the region. After that press the ok button. The next page emerges.

The log-in page appears. You have to log in to the application.

You can log in by mobile number or mail id. Mention it and then the password and then press the register button.

The app will ask you to create a password for further action.

Create a password and register it. After that press the finish button.

This way you have created and registered your username and password. You will use them to log in to the file. The logging part is over. We will move to the next step.

It is for adding the device for monitoring.

Step-3 Add The Device And Monitor

Adding the device is easy. Open the app and log in. This page appears.

It is asking you to add the device. Click the “+” sign. When you press it, a new window opens.

This page is for giving the device detail. Fill in the IP address, port, device name, username, and password. After that save the information.

It will begin to scan the QR Code of the device.

The scanning will finish and the device will be added.

It will add the device and the camera will show up on the screen.

You can see here cameras on the Windows screen. This way we add and monitor.


The HUY Connect For PC article is shown here. Its features and installation methods are also illustrated. The special and important step to remember is the role of BlueStscks Android Emulator.

The complete demonstration will help the user. Still, if you face issues in installing or adding, kindly mention queries in the comment section. We will respond to the issues positively.

Thank You.


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