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Clever Dog For PC Free Download On Windows 8/10/11 & Mac

Clever Dog For PC is a security surveillance application to monitor the safety of concerned areas from remote locations. This article will provide complete information regarding Clever Dog For PC. Clever Dog For PC is one of the brands of Shenzhen Cylan Technology. 

This company was launched in March 2013 in China. 

Clever Dog For PC covers a wide range of home security devices along with innovative and beautiful designs. Some of its devices include AI face recognition cameras, mini smart security cameras, smart doorbells, and security emergency lights with wi-fi.

This is an Android app. You will get in this article the installation process for Android OS and Windows OS. The step-by-step process will guide users.

Since it’s an Android application, it can’t be installed on Windows operating system. But, with the help of Android Emulators, we can get that done, and here we’ll use Bluestacks. Bluestacks is a software that will enable downloading and installing of Android-based applications on Pcs

Why Is CCTV Monitoring Application Important?

CCTV monitoring applications like Clever Dog For PC work as a medium to connect cameras and make them accessible from remote locations. It works as an eye for you, though you are far away from sensitive locations these applications keep you connected throughout. 

These apps will enable you to communicate, listen and zoom in on any object to keep you updated and alert. This software has sensors and it will make you aware of any suspicious activities taking place.

By having access, you can have surveillance at your home and workplace and through these apps, you can pass on instructions and listen to the people over there.

It will give you the authority to manage and operate your sites with ease. 

Moreover, it will provide you with a sense of satisfaction and a convenient lifestyle because it is the need of the hour.

What Is Clever Dog For PC Applications?

Clever Dog For PC is a smart vigilance software with numerous functions and features. Some of its features include two-way voice, human form detection, face recognition, video surveillance, intelligent alarm, etc. 

Clever Dog For PC is one of the brands of Shenzhen Cylan Technology, which is the first mobile internet cloud platform provider in China. This brand makes multiple ranges of products like temperature detection thermal cameras, wi-fi smart cameras(with pan, tilt, and waterproof versions), Solar cameras, smart emergency LED with wi-fi, smart doorbelletc.

It will make the site accessible from any remote location and provide you with the authority over everything, anywhere, and anytime. You can pass on instructions and listen to your employees.

This app is appropriate for the security of children, the elderly, home, and the workplace.

The mission statement of Clever Dog For PC is to “make life more intelligent and convenient.”

Features & Functions Of Clever Dog For PC Application

Below are some main characteristics of the applications. Know these points to have the full benefit of the software before installing it. Here we go.

  • This application will allow you the benefit of a two-way voice call system.
  • It has a special feature of humanoid alarm systems.
  • It will also provide you with AI skills service for your benefit.
  • You can easily have access to real-time video viewing from remote locations.
  • It will make you cautious of any suspicious activities with the help of a motion detection alarm.
  • It has a special feature of both humanoid and object tracking.
  • With the assistance of Clever Dog For PC apps, you have the option of video playback.
  • It will make video sharing easy.
  • It will make video sharing easy.
  • It also has the feature of face recognition.
  • These apps are providing safety along with smart convenience.
  • It is a quality-oriented app.
  • It makes surveillance user-friendly.
  • This app has a PTZ function, you can pan, tilt and zoom on any object from a distant place.

Install, log In & Add The Device To Monitor Clever Dog For Android OS

We are now going to install Clever Dog For PC app on Android devices. But to install this file, we need to have the application set up file. It is available on the google play store.

It is also given here in the form of a download button. To get it, press the button given below and start the process.

Download For Smartphone (Android)

When you open the setup file, the following page opens.

Step-1 Install Clever Dog For PC Software On Android OS

This page appears on the screen.

It is the first page of the application. There is an ‘Install’ button given here. Click the tab to load the content.

The file is loading. it will load all its content in a minute. After that, the app will send a notification page that the installation is complete.

This page arrives. It is stating that the ‘Installation is completed’. This way the first step is over. The app is installed successfully on an Android device.

We will move to the second step. It is about logging in to the file.

Step-2 Log In to The Software

Open the just installed application file. You will get this page.

You are finding two tabs on the page. One is for signing in and the other one is for sign-up. If you are the first timer for this application, then press the sign-up button. Here you will register for your User Id and password. After registering them, you can use them for logging in to the file.

This way, you will be able to log in to the software. The second step is finished now.

We will move to the third step where we will add the device and monitor our sites.

Step-3 Adding The Device & Monitoring

When we log in to the file, this page appears. It is the device addition page.

You are getting the “+” sign on the screen. Click it to add the device.

It will lead you to various modes of device addition.

You can select the method of the device addition as per your preference or the device’s configuration. Here, we will go to scan the device.

It will start searching for the device and add it.

Here the software is scanning and connecting to the device. When it is connected, you will find the location on your device. This way you will connect or add the device.

The camera is monitoring the site. You get access to your site from your place.

Install, log In & Add The Device To Monitor Clever Dog For Windows OS

This article will guide you here about the installation of the ‘Clever dog for PC’ file. You have to install it on Windows OS. An Android app can’t be loaded and installed on any other operating system.

If we want to run this application on Windows, then we will go for using Android Emulators app. It will make Android files suitable for other operating systems. We will use here BlueStacks Android Emulator for our purpose.

Install BlueStacks Android Emulator On Windows OS

To install BlueStacks, the link button is given below. The files are available in 32 bits and 64 bits formats. Load the file as per the configuration of your system.

Download BlueStacks 32 Bit

The application set-up file is in a squeezed form. Press the button, get the file and extricate it for running on Windows OS.

Download BlueStacks 64 Bit

Step-1 Install Clever Dog For PC

Open the BlueStacks play store. Search for the Clever Dog CCTV monitoring application.

This page will appear. It will help you in installing the file. Press the Install button. The file will begin to load.

It is almost installed. It will finish its process in a few seconds. After that, it will take us to the next step.

After the installation, we get this page. It shows that the installation process is over. The file is now ready to use for logging in and adding the device.

Step-2 Logging In To The Application

Open the installed software. This page will surface. It is the page to log in to the application.

When we use the file for the first time, we will have to register the Id and password. For that click the signup button.

A page will open. it will ask you to give a mail id and a password. After that mention your region. Then press the sign-up button. You are successfully registered for logging in.

Use the id and password to log in.

After logging in, you will go to add the device.

Step-3 Logging In And Monitoring

Open the app and log in. This page will surface.

There is a “+” device addition sign. Click it.

Modes of device addition process appear on the screen. Select your option. Scanning the QR code is the most popular one.

The device is added. When it is added, it will show the location it is covering on the Windows screen.

The device appears and monitoring becomes easier.

You have seen the process to install, log in and add the device on windows. It is properly illustrated here for users.


The Clever dog For PC file is demonstrated here. The chief advantages of the file are explained to clients. The installation process with step-by-step guidance is mentioned. The steps are covered with images and narrations.

If you find difficulties in any step, kindly mention them in the comment box. We will tackle them and hit back to you.

Thank You.


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