EasyLive Plus For PC Download Free For Windows 8/10 & Mac

EasyLive Plus For PC is Android Software. It is used to monitor CCTV cameras. It connects devices and monitors them from remote locations. It will hook up with multiple devices and show them to you from foreign places. You can access them from your preferred location. 

This article contains the advantages of EasyLive Plus For PC App. It conjointly explains the installation method for Android OS and Windows OS. Each step of the method is explained with pictures. It is easy to understand.

The EasyLive Plus For PC App can be loaded easily on Android smartphones. But it can’t be loaded and installed for Windows or Mac operating systems. 

Here, we’ll guide you to install and configure EasyLive software on Windows & Mac PCs. It is made possible with the help of Android Emulators. We will use BlueStacks software for this purpose. Download and install BlueStacks on Windows and then install this EasyLive app

How Is A CCTV Security App Useful In Monitoring? 

CCTV security software is employed to watch sites and locations. Once a CCTV app is employed to watch, you’ll be able to access your location from your workplace. It gives its users the freedom to get their devices at will from anywhere.

It keeps you aware and alerts you all the time. You can communicate with folks, pass directions and hear them. The CCTV application gives you the authority to control devices and operate them from different locations.

You feel secure and protected when you use these apps. It saves users time and energy. It offers them mental peace. You feel relaxed and calm as you’re tuned in to all activities. 

Some Information Regarding EasyLive Plus For PC

This app is designed and marketed by Smart Cloud.  This organization has been giving its services for more than a decade now. It has different types of software. EasyLive is one of them. It makes people’s lives easier by serving them in their everyday life.

It works wonderfully well in securing locations and properties. While you are away from locations, still you feel that you are present. It provides you with a live relay and complete action.    

 It makes them additional economical and productive.

This way this company is at the forefront of the latest technology, perpetually giving quicker, higher solutions that address the wants of consumers the world over. 

This app is sensible and extremely economical. The technology employed in it equipped the product with decision-making power. It sends its users alert messages and guards them against any suspicious and dubious activities. 

Important Features & Functions Of EasyLive Software

This product has several finer qualities. A few of them are given here. Recognize them and use them to get the best of this product.

  • It offers a live feed to its users
  • There is no delay between video capturing and watching
  • The app will access the device from remote locations
  • You can operate this device in several places. 
  • You can watch an object by zooming in, speaking to someone, and listening to a conversation. 
  • This product supports recording footage and taking snaps
  • You can playback videos and watch any necessary activity happening around. 
  • This product supports two-way audio. 
  • You can simply convey a message, instruct a worker or hear someone. 
  • You can pass any message and scare away threats and suspects by yelling at them with the help of a two-way audio feature. 
  • This app has sturdy sensors
  • It offers you the liberty to pre-define a sensitive zone and convert it into a secure zone. 
  • The app offers alert messages and triggers an alarm to alert and awaken users. 
  • It supports PTZ devices. 
  • A PTZ camera can be tilted, zoomed, and panned from a remote location.
  • It connects over twenty devices at a time. 
  • You can place recordings on the cloud server.
  • This product will add devices by scanning the QR code or registering the IP address manually. 
  • The app supports Wi-Fi technology

Install, Log In & Monitor EasyLive Plus For Android OS

To install this app on Android OS, we will click the link below. The app is also available in the google play store. Click the download button to get the software.

Download For Android Smartphone

Install EasyLive Plus

When you click the button or open the play store, then search the application file. It will represent the following window.

This window is about the setup file. When you press the install button, the file will begin loading.

The app is loading. It finishes in a few seconds. The file is full of contents. It will automatically take its path and unload the content in a folder.

The setup file is loaded on an Android smartphone. This way we install the application. After that, we go to log in and add the device for monitoring.

Log In To The Software & Add The device For Monitoring

We open the installed app. This page surfaces on the screen.

It is asking us to select the location of the area. Here, you have to choose the country location. Select it and then press the save button. The next window will show up.

In this window, you will find the agreement policy. The policy is given in detail. Read it carefully. If you are satisfied with the terms and conditions, press the ‘Agree and Continue button. The next option will emerge.

If you are using this app for the very first time then go to the ‘Quick registration’ button and click it.

It will open a page where you have to give a mail Id and create a password and register them. You will be able to log in to the app. Then you have to input your email and password and press the log-in button. The homepage will surface.

Add The device For Monitoring

This page will come after the login to the page. It is asking us to add the device. Press the “+” button and get the device connected with it.

If you want to add the device manually, then add the IP address of the device, port number, username, and password. After that press the add button.

If you are scanning the QR code, then the app will add the device after scanning.

This way the device addition process is done.

The device is connected and cameras associated with the device appear on the screen.

The installation to monitoring process is demonstrated for Android Smartphone users.

Install, Log In & Connect App EasyLive Plus For Windows To Monitor

When we go to install the EasyLive app for Windows, then it doesn’t directly load on Windows PC. The simple reason is that it is Android software. It can only be run and installed on Android-based software.

So to install it on Windows, we take the help of the Android Emulator App or Cross-platform app. There are many Android Emulators available on the internet. You can choose any one of them. But we are choosing here the BlueStacks Android Emulator Software.

Step-1 Install BlueStacks On Windows OS

To install BlueStacks, you have to click the download buttons given below. Get the setup file and load it on the PC. After that, you have to open the BlueStacks play store. Go there and search for EasyLive App. It will show up.

Download BlueStacks 64 Bit Download BlueStacks 32 Bit

Step-2 Install EasyLive On BlueStacks

To install the file, search it on the BlueStacks player.

Press the install button and get it loaded. It will begin to load the moment you press the install button.

The app is loading the file. It will finish in a minute and then you can operate with the app.

The software file is fully installed. Now we can operate features with it. The installation process is over.

Step-3 Log In to The Software

To log in to the software, you have to open the installed app. It will open with the following page.

Select your region and press the save button. It will take you to the terms and conditions page.

Read the terms and conditions carefully. And then press the Agree And Continue button. The next window will appear on the screen.

Go for the Quick registration column and press it. Register a valid mail id and the password. You will use them every time for the login process.

This way you log in to the application. Now, we will add the device for monitoring.

Step-4 Device Addition & Monitoring

After logging in to the product, you will get this page on the screen. Click the “+” sign. It will open a window where it will ask you to add the device either by manual operation or by scanning the QR code.

Select the option you want. For manual addition, you have to add the IP address. You can also add by scanning the QR Code.

The device will be added and cameras will appear on the Windows Screen.

This way, we add the device and monitor.


This article has given you a thorough analysis of EasyLive Plus For PC software. We have shown you here how you can download and install Android software on Windows PC. The illustrative explanation is given.

You can apply the same process and do it for Macintosh operating system. BlueStacks is given for Mac also.

If you have any queries regarding the setup file, downloading, installation process, or device addition, please share them with us in the comment section. We will go all out to serve you better.

Thank You

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