ACTi Mobile Client For PC Download For Windows 8/10 & Mac

ACTi Mobile Client For PC application is designed to function on Android OS. It is a CCTV surveillance application that enables users to monitor surveillance devices from far away places. 

This article provides you with information for ACTi Mobile Client For PC. It will guide you to install this app on Android OS. The demonstration is illustrative. From the download button to installation and from installation, log in to device addition and monitoring, everything is thoroughly covered for user understanding.

The ACTi Mobile Client For PC supports only the Android version. This article teaches you to install the software for Windows and Mac. We will take you on this installation journey for PCs here. 

Since it is an Android-based software, we will have to take the help of Android Emulators or Cross-platform apps. Here, we will guide you with the help of BlueSatcks Android Emulators. 

Why Use A CCTV Surveillance Application?

We have sites where we have installed CCTV devices. It indicates that these locations matter to us and we want to keep a 24 * 7 vigil on these places. But, theoretically, no human can be vigilant round the clock and that too in multiple locations. That is where the role of CCTV surveillance software comes into effect.

It keeps you aware of happenings in those places. You can monitor those locations round the clock without being there. You can access your locations from remote areas. It allows you to instruct people, speak to them, listen to them, and operate the device.

You can zoom in on any object, check recordings and take snaps of important footage. The CCTV app gives you control and authority over incidents and activities.

What Is ACTi Mobile Client For PC?

ACTi Mobile is a software that is used to connect devices from different locations to this app. The app relays them to the user sitting in any remote area. It gives access to locations and sites from any given place

ACTi Corporation is a company based in Taiwan. It is a renowned organization that deals in various activities. ACTi provides the full range of surveillance products – IP cameras, video management systems, TV wall systems, mobile applications, IoT devices and access control systems. 

ACTi offers custom-designed security management solutions for various vertical markets. 

Features & Functions Of ACTi Mobile Client

This application from Taiwan has tremendous features. We are giving here some of the advantages of this setup file. It is important to know these features. Then only we will be able to use the product better.

  • This app gives footage and videos in real-time
  • The user receives things in a live feed
  • There is no delay and time lag between activity taking place and their relaying
  • You can access the device from any remote area
  • The user can operate the device from any place
  • It supports PTZ devices. you can pan them, tilt them and zoom them by sitting anywhere
  • It can record, take snaps and show you playbacks from any place
  • The product supports the cloud servers recordings
  • The two-way audio is an important feature of the app.
  • You can communicate with anyone, pass instructions and listen to them from your place
  • It is also useful in hushing away yelling at suspects and threats from your place. It alerts people on the device side and protects the place and people there. 
  • The sensors are also supported by the product.
  • It can easily sense motion and sound. It alerts you sensing any threat
  • You can mark sensitive zones. When anyone enters those zones, you get alert messages and alarm signals.
  • You can manually add devices to it through IP addresses or scan the QR code to connect

Install, Log In & Connect Devices To Monitor ACTi Mobile Client For Android OS

To install the app, you have to click the download button given below. The software is also available on the play store. You can get it from there as well. Get the application and install it.

When you get to the play store, search for the product. The following page will appear.

This page shows up. The option to install the setup file is given. Press the install button. It will begin to load.

The setup file is loading. It will complete the installation process in a minute. After that, you will receive a confirmation page that the installation part is successfully done.

This way the installation is done.

We will now go to add the device. When we open the installed file, the following page appears.

It is asking to add the device. Click the “+” button. When you press it, it will prompt you for the next action.

Here, you must give the IP address, username, and password to connect to the device. The username and the password provided here belong to the device.

After that press the server setting option. This page will surface.

It is indicating that the device is connected with the server and now you can watch them on the display screen of the Android Smartphones.

This way the installation to monitoring process is displayed for Android OS.

Install And Add The Device To Monitor ACTi Mobile Client For Windows OS

If we have to install the ACTi setup file on Windows then it is not possible. because this application is for Android versions.

So, we have to take the help of Android Emulator. We will download an Android Emulator app on Windows PC and then install this ACTi surveillance software.

We will use here BlueStacks. It is an Android Emulator which is easy to download and install.

Install BlueStacks On Windows OS

When we go to install this app then we have to run the setup file of this software. The download link for this product is given below. Click the link button and install the application.

After the installation, open the menu page of the product. Go to BlueStacks play store and search ACTi Mobile Client file.

Install ACTi & Monitor From Remote Areas

To install the file, you have to search it on the BlueStacks play store. The following page appears.

It is the downloading page for this file. If you have to install this application, press the Install button. The setup file will begin to load on the screen.

It takes less than a few minutes before it finishes the downloading process. When it is done with the installation, it sends an indication with a new window.

The downloading process is complete now. The product is installed.

To add the device and monitor the site, you have to add the gadget with this app. For that, open the installed application file.

The following page will appear on the Windows Screen.

It is asking us to connect the gadget by clicking the “+” sign. Click the sign to connect. It will open a new window. It will ask us to connect to the server.

To add the site to the server and monitor them on the app, you have to make the following move. You have to give the IP address of the device, give the device a name, mention the port and in the User column, you have to give the username and the password of the device.

The device is added to the server. It is now connected. You can easily watch your location on Windows PC.

This way we install this Android file on Windows OS and monitor devices.


You have found here the installation process with the help of BlueStacks for Windows. The ACTi Mobile Client For PC Android file is installed and the device is added for monitoring. It is done and demonstrated for Windows & Android apps. A similar process will do it for the Mac OS.

The advantages of this file are explained to use it in a better fashion. If you have any queries regarding the link of the application, its installation part, or device addition and management part, please mention them in the comment box.

We will try our level best to suggest to you the best possible means to iron out issues.

Thank You.

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