EagleEyes(Lite) For PC Download Free For Windows 8/10 & Mac

EagleEyes(Lite) For PC is software that can connect the device and show it to you at any remote location. When the software is installed on smartphones, you easily access the location and monitor them. 

The EagleEyes(Lite) For PC is an Android product. It can be installed on Android-based gadgets

This article will provide you with the installation process for Android OS, Windows OS and Mac OS. The BlueStacks Android Emulator is used to download and configure this application for Windows and Mac.

It is shown to you in three steps. This app is installed in the first step. The second step is about logging in and knowing the important features of the product. The third step deals with adding and connecting the device or converting your smartphone into a CCTV device.

How Is A CCTV Android Software Helpful In Monitoring? 

It is extremely helpful in keeping the user vigilant. When you have multiple sites to monitor, you can’t be present at every place. 

So it gives users uncertainty and disappointment as they are missing actions. When devices are connected with a security surveillance product, it enables users to monitor and supervise their locations.

With its help, users get authority and mental peace. They are missing no actions and scenes. This allows them to utilize their time more properly and become more productive. 

Almost every professional, organization and businessmen use these kinds of applications to keep themselves connected with their families and work. 

What Is EagleEyes(Lite) For PC App?

It is designed and manufactured by Avtech technologies. It is a company which was established in 2010. It is one of the greatest manufacturers of CCTV surveillance in the world. 

The EagleEyes(Lite) For PC is the world’s most downloaded surveillance software. It realizes full-functioned remote control and fulfils the market with the growing demands of smartphones and PCs.

The organization has CCTV products in every range. It has IP products, PTZ cams, and NVRs among other CCTV devices. Its products are available in almost every part of the world. 

You can also purchase the products online. The services and products are exemplary and durable.

Its app is intelligent. It has the potential to analyze the situation and assess the condition. A detailed study of its features is given in the Features and Functions column.

Features & Functions Of EagleEyes(Lite) Software

There are many chief advantages of this product. Here we are giving them. They are important to know to function the product in the best manner.

  • The app gives its users a live feed.
  • When it captures activities, it relays them in the same breath
  • There is no time-lag
  • The app gives you remote access. You can find connected devices from anywhere
  • The user can operate the device from anywhere
  • You can zoom in, instruct or listen to someone from your place
  • The app supports PTZ cameras. You can tilt them, zoom them and pan them from your place
  • The product supports two-way audio
  • You can communicate with someone, listen to someone and alert people with its help
  • It saves you from suspicious activities and threats.
  • The product catches sensors effectively.
  • The motion and audio are easy detected
  • You can preset and mark sensitive areas. Whenever anyone passes through these zones, it alerts you and triggers an alarm to alert others. 
  • The product can record for many days and take snaps. You can watch the playback from remote locations
  • The app supports cloud server recording
  • You can manually add devices by giving the IP address.
  • You can connect devices to it by scanning the QR Code
  • It connects a maximum of 20 devices at a time

How To Install An Android App On Windows & Mac OS

Android Apps can’t be loaded on PCs. To install Android software on Windows or Mac operating systems, we come in the refuge of Android Emulators or Cross-platform applications.

BlueStacks is an Android Emulator. We will use this software here for installing EagleEyes(Lite) For PC files. 

First, we will install Bluestacks, then open the BlueStacks app player to search for the required software and install it from there.

Click the BlueStacks download button to install the file.

Download EagleEyes(Lite) For Android OS

The download button for this app is given here. Click it to get the file. The app can also be get from the play store. Search for it and download it. 

After that, log in with its various features. Go for connecting the device for monitoring. The above three steps are the process to installation and up to monitoring. 

You will get the complete illustration process in the section below. It will guide you to do it yourself on your device.

Download EagleEyes(Lite) For Windows OS

Here, we will go to install BlueStacks first on Windows operating system. After that, we open the BlueStacks play store to find EagleEyes. 

The installation till monitoring process is shown in three steps for Windows. It is supported by images and expressions. 

The first step will load and install the app. The second step is for logging in to the software. The third step is given to guide users to connect with the devices.

Download EagleEyes(Lite) For Mac OS

BlueStacks is given for Mac PC also. Download it and then search for the product to install. 

The installation up to monitoring is almost the same as for Windows. Learn the process from them.

Install, Log In & Connect The Device With EagleEyes(Lite) For Windows OS

To install the app and connect the device with the app, we have to first download and install BlueStacks Android Emulator. Set up the emulator and then open the BlueStacks app player. Search EagleEyes software and get it installed on the Windows PC.

It is illustrated here in three steps. The first step is for installing the app. The second step is given for logging in to the file and agreeing on the terms and conditions. The third step is given for adding the device.

Step-1 Install EagleEyes(Lite)

To install the application file from the BlueStacks app store, open the menu page.

Search the application file from the play store. You will get the following page.

Press the install button. It will begin to load. It takes no time in downloading.

The file is loading. When it is done, it will notify you with a message.

The process is over. This way you get the installation process done.

Step-2 Log In & Accept The Agreement

To log in to the application file open the installed app.

The agreement is given here. Press the Agree button. After that, it will open a new page.

Accept the privacy policy. Click the Agree button. It will open the homepage for you.

Step-3 Add The Device & Monitor Cameras

To add the device, you have to get at the homepage of the app.

Press the add button. It will take you to the next window.

It will ask you to scan the QR code of the device. You can also manually add the device. For that, you have to connect it with the IP address.

This way device connects and cameras associated with it appear on the screen.


The EagleEyes(Lite) For PC is an Android app explained here. It is shown here with a full explanation. The illustrative example is given here. The three steps process is fully explained. It is supported by images and expressions.

The advantages and functions are given to make users understand the software better. If you have any issues in dealing with the app, kindly mention them in the comment section. We would love to solve queries and provide a solution for you.

Thank You.

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