Juan Cloud For PC Free Download For Windows 8/10/11 & Mac

You will find here Juan cloud for PC. The app is designed to connect security surveillance devices with it. It associates these gadgets with the application and gets you access to them from any remote location.

Access to these devices from foreign places gives the user mental freedom and peace. The ‘Juan cloud for PC’ file is for Android users. You will learn here the loading process for Android users and PC users. 

The application is not available for PCs. You can’t use it on Windows OS or Mac OS. To get it on these operating systems, the client has to take the support of Android Emulators.

We will illustrate to you here to use this application file for Android users and PC clients. 

Know About Juan Cloud Application For PC

This software is tremendous software. It is designed and developed by Guangzhou Juan Intelligent Tech Co., Ltd. This company primarily deals in CCTV products. 

It has a wireless NVR Kit, standalone wireless IP camera, NVR, hybrid AHD, IP cameras, etc. The company has also a team of professionals who develop software and take care of research and development. 

The company is located in Guangzhou. The app has sensors and a two-way audio system. It can speak and listen. The user gets alert messages and alarm rings, suspecting anything fishy. The software is accessible at remote locations. It gives its users mental peace and authority.

Some Smart Features Of Juan Cloud For PC

This file is tremendous in the sense of security and surveillance. It is used to secure the location and monitor activities. You will find here the best advantages and functions of this file.

  • It provides us 24 hours protection through remote monitoring
  • The file can connect 20 devices at a time and show to users at a time
  • It gives live feed and continuous relay
  • The capturing and relaying of the data are simultaneous. There is no time lag in getting the footage
  • The special feature for adjusting the network in low networking areas gives users continuous video as streams don’t bog down
  • It can record footage, take snaps, show you playbacks and record on the cloud server
  • This file supports two-way audio. The user can speak, hear and listen
  • This feature also helps in scaring away threats by shouting at them.
  • You can alert people on the CCTV device side sensing anything suspicious
  • The app uses strong sensors.
  • These sensors can detect motion and audio to give clients better protection
  • It can sense any doubtful pattern and alert you
  • It can differentiate humans and animals. Thus, it reduces the chances of false alarms
  • You can divide sensitive zones from normal zones. When anyone tries to barge into those zones, the app alerts us. This way it gives ultra-security to users
  • You can operate the device from any remote location.
  • You can operate the device from any remote location.
  • It is a big plus sign, as you can check past activities, take snaps, zoom in on any object and tilt & pan.
  • You can operate any PTZ device from the remote area

These are some of its chief features.

Install Juan Cloud For Android OS

To install this file for Android, we have to get the link button given here. We can also go to the google play store and search for the app. After that install it on the smartphone. The installation process is simple. 

The purpose to install the software is to add the device and monitor cameras. For that, we go for logging in to the file. After that, we have to add the camera and do our monitoring bit.

The complete installation process for Android OS is demonstrated here. It will give you a complete idea.

Download For Android

Install Juan Cloud For Windows OS

To install the Juan Cloud For Windows OS, we can’t normally do it. This app is for Androids and can not run on Windows PC. To make it run on this operating system and monitor the device, we go for Android Emulator or a cross-platform app. 

Here, we will download BlueStacks App on Windows OS and then install the file. The complete downloading & installation process is given here with a demonstration. 

Download Bluestacks 64 bit

Download Blustacks 32 bit

Every step and point is explained with an explanation. First, we have to install BlueStacks, then go to the homepage of this app and search the play store. After that search the app file for Juan cloud on the play store and install it.

Install Juan Cloud For Mac OS

The process to install the Juan file on Mac OS is the same as for Windows. The app is not available for Mac. So we have to load and install the BlueStacks app and then go for this Juan Cloud application.

The process is almost the same as it is for Windows OS. You can get the procedure from there.

Install Juan Cloud For Android OS, Sign In And Add The Device

It is done in three steps. The first step is Installation. The second step is shown here for Logging into the application. The third step will guide you to add the device.

Step-1 Install The App

To install the file, You have to open the play store and look for the software. It is also given in the link. You can get it from anywhere. It is up to you.

The application file will appear on the screen. You have to install it for further progress. The installation process is easy. You have just to click the install button. The following page will open for the user client.

This image is showing that the app is loading. It empties its content in a few seconds only. After that, we get a confirmation that the Juan Cloud is loaded.

This way the step-1 is completed. The Juan file is installed successfully.

Step-2 Log In The App

To log in, open the installed Juan file. Click open to get the following page.

It is asking to register the mail before logging in. Give the mail ID and press the confirm button. It will ask you to select a password. Choose a strong password. This way, you will register and reach the homepage.

When you get access to this page, it means, you are successfully logged in. The logging in process is over.

Step-3 Add The Device & Monitor

To add the device, we will open the homepage of the app. Click the + sign. It is an indication of adding the device. When you click it this page opens.

When we click the Add device button, it opens a window and asks us to scan the device. Scan it to connect. It scans the QR Code and adds the device.

It is scanning the gadget. When it finishes, the device is connected. The moment device connects with the app, cameras appear on the screen.

This is the process for installing, logging in, and adding to the device on the app. The cameras connected with it appear on the screen.

This way the installation up to monitoring is finished for Android OS.

Install Juan Cloud For Windows, Log In & Add Devices

To install this Android app on Windows PC, we have to download Android Emulator BlueStacks on Windows OS. Get the download buttons for BlueStacks here. Download and install it. After that open BlueStacks.

Step-1 Install The App For Windows OS

We open the homepage of Bluestacks and search Juan file on it.

The following page opens. It shows the application file for Juan.

It is asking us to install the file. The installation of the file is not a long process. It finishes in no time.

The file is downloading. It takes a little time to install. When it has installed the app, we receive a window that declares, that this file is successfully loaded.

This way we have installed it for Windows.

Step-2 Log In to The App

For logging in, go to register the Id and the password.

Here, if you are using this app for the first time, then you have to create the ID and the password. For that press the ‘Register’ button.

When you create your login id, it asks you to create a strong password also.

Press the confirm button. It will take you to the homepage of the application file.

Reaching the homepage is an indication that logging in is successful. This way this step is complete.

We move to the third step for device addition and monitoring.

Step-3 Adding the Device & Monitor

Reach at the homepage, click the IP section and the following window will open.

Mention the required information being asked and save it. It will add the device and show you the connected gadget with it.

The device is added and cameras connected with it appear on the screen. You can many devices by doing a similar procedure.


The Juan Cloud For PC is the ultimate software for our security and surveillance. It is given herewith features. We have mentioned the installation process for Windows OS and Android OS.

For Windows PC it is not possible to install this software, since the app is designed for Android OS. We have guided here to load the BlueStacks and then install the app and monitor. A similar process is there for Mac OS also.

If you have queries regarding the app or have any issue in installing it. logging in or device connecting, please share them with us. We will resolve issues and provide you with a solution.

Thank You


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