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Ednamos CCTV Camera For PC Download For Windows & Mac

Ednamos CCTV Camera For PC is an Android-based CCTV surveillance software. This app connects several devices with it. The link button for this application file is given below. 

To get the Ednamos CCTV Camera For PC you’ve got to click the link button. To download and install it, decompress the setup file and install.

The method is given in three steps. The first step is the installation process. The second step is the method given to log in to the file. In the third step, you will be guided on device addition and monitoring.

It is smart and intelligent software. With its help, you’ll monitor sites from remote areas. This product provides you with the proper security management and mental peace.

What Is the Aim Of A Security Surveillance App?

The purpose of a CCTV security app is to watch multiple sites and give you remote access. It can modify, edit, record and transfer files. 

This CCTV observation file is employed to look at several locations at a time. Suppose, you’ve got five completely different locations and you wish to watch them from your workplace

If this software is not there, then you’ve got to be there in person. 

But a security app saves energy and time and provides you control and authority over your sites and people. You’ll be able to connect all the locations with this app and monitor them from your remote location. 

What Is Ednamos CCTV Camera For PC Software?

This app is designed by Ednamos. It is an IT company that provides I.T solutions to organizations and NGOs. It is popular in managing websites and doing SEOs. This company has many applications. Ednamos CCTV Camera For PC is one of them. 

It is a security surveillance software that makes us vigilant and aware. We can access multiple locations from remote areas. This way whether we are close to our site or far away from them, we never feel disjointed. We are always in control of our affairs.

Features And Advantages Of Ednamos Camera For PC

Here, we are giving the main features and functions of this software. These are important and powerful characteristics. Know them to use the product in the best fashion.

  • It gives us live feeds.
  • The footage and image you receive are in real-time
  • The advanced auto-correction Technology provides you with a continuous flow of data even in low networking areas.
  • You can operate the device from any remote location.
  • It supports the two-way audio. You can speak, listen and instruct from any place.
  • This product supports PTZ cameras from remote locations.
  • You can pan, tilt and zoom PTZ devices.
  • The two-way audio helps you in communicating with an individual on the device side. You can listen to him and pass on your instructions.
  • This feature is additionally giving you safety and security. You can alert others by seeing anything suspicious or threatening.
  • It alerts and alarms once it senses any suspicious activity.
  • It supports sensors.
  • Sensors are unit powerful enough.
  • They can sense and observe audio and motion.
  • You can pre-set sensitive zones.
  • When anyone tries to barge into those zones, the app provides alert messages and triggers alarms.
  • This product can record, playback and take snaps.
  • It supports manual recording and cloud server recording.
  • You can add the device, manually by giving the IP address or by scanning the QR code.

How To Use Ednamos Camera Application For Windows & Mac?

Ednamos is Android software. You can’t play it on a PC. So technically, it can’t be installed on Windows and Mac operating systems.  

But we can install this application and use it on Windows OS and Mac OS with the help of Android Emulators.

BlueStacks is an Android Emulator. BlueStacks will be loaded and installed on Windows & Mac. This app is available for both. 

After installing BlueStacks, open the menu page and go for the play store for Windows and the app store for Mac. 

Open it and search Ednamos. You will get it. Install it and log it in to connect devices for monitoring.

Download Ednamos CCTV Camera For Android OS

To install this app on Android, click the given link button or go to the play store to get the file. Install it and then monitor the gadget by connecting to it.

The complete process is given in the below section with full illustrations.  

Download Ednamos CCTV Camera For Windows OS

Open the BlueStacks menu page. Go to the play store and search for this product. You will easily find the product on your PC. Log it in and connect the device. The process is simple and steady.

It is covered in multiple steps. The three steps process is given. The first step is installation. The second step is for logging in to the file. The third step is for adding the device and monitoring it.  

The complete illustrative guide is given in the below section. Here you can get a comprehensive downloading and installation process. The images and expressions will make the understanding easier.

Download Ednamos CCTV Camera For Mac OS

Ednamos file. Search it, install it and log it in to connect the device. 

The process is almost the same as for Windows. You can get a hint from there and do it yourself on Mac PC.

Install, Log In & Connect Ednamos CCTV Camera For Windows OS

Download and install BlueStacks. Then open the BlueStacks play store. Search the app and download it. It is shown here in three steps. Watch these steps carefully for understanding the methodology. 

Step-1 Install The Software

To install it for Windows, get the Ednamos product on the play store search page. Search it to install.

This window opens. To load the file, press the Install button. It will begin to download. It takes only a while to connect.

The app is loading. When it is finished, it will inform you with a confirmation message.

It shows that the app is loaded.

The installation part is finished. Then we go to the next step. We will try to use the installed app for monitoring. This application has a specialty, it can convert your smartphone into a CCTV camera. Additionally, it has superb features. It will show up all these qualities in protecting you.

Step-2 Log In & App Features

You will find that this app will be automatically logged in to a mail Id. If you have mail Id suggest it or create an Id. There are numerous features of this product. Some very prominent ones are shown here that give users maximum protection.

It is asking you to turn your smartphone into a security camera. There are some features it is also exhibiting. Know them as well.

It is a special feature. When you are away from home, it protects your child. You can also monitor your child when you are not at the same place where your child is right now.

If your pets are roaming around the house you can monitor them. This way you can supervise them.

You can check and instruct your house maid from this makeshift CCTV cam. It is doing every bit of safety and security for you.

Allow all these features for your smartphone.

Step-3 Connect Your Device With These Features & Monitor

How do you want your smartphone to behave? You can set it as a viewer or as a CCTV camera.

Choose the option as per requirement. Suppose you want to use the phone as a camera then select that option.

Now you can hang your mobile or place it near the object you want to monitor. You can install it on a table or anywhere to monitor the area.

This way it relays the activities and you check it on the other device from any location.

This way, you get benefitted from this application.


Ednamos Camera For PC is thoroughly expressed here. How this product makes your mobile phone into a CCTV camera is quite a remarkable experience. It empowers you with a 24 * 7 monitoring experience. It is cheap and saves your pocket. You can do it by sitting at the home.

Please share your experiences and queries regarding the app.

Thank you.


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