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Download Camy For PC Free For Windows 8/10/11 & Mac OS

Get Camy For PC in this post. Camy for PC is an Android app. It is designed to run on Android-based Smartphones. This software can connect different CCTV security gadgets installed at different locations.

The CCTV software gives users remote access to their installed surveillance gadgets. It means you can access your various locations and sites from any place. 

This article will guide you about this file and the installation process for Android & Windows PC.

This Camy For PC software is not viable for PCs. It means it is not available for Windows operating system and Mac operating system. 

We will guide you here, on how it can be installed on Windows and Mac. You will also find in this post the advantages and benefits of this software. The download link for Camy software is given in a download button format.

How Is A CCTV Application Important For Monitoring?

CCTV application is more powerful than a guard. A guard can nap and rest but surveillance software is functional round the clock.

When a security surveillance device is installed, it is alert 24 * 7. There is no chance of missing any activity. It will track and trace even the minutest details and alert and aware its users. 

When you have a large business network and multiple sites to track and monitor, it becomes highly efficient and effective for you.

You can keep yourself in touch with all your locations with it. You can instruct your employees or communicate with your family members.  

It gives you mental peace and full protection. Since CCTV software is accessible from any place, it gives you the freedom to move around and become more productive.

What Is Camy For PC?

Camy For PC is a software that adds CCTV devices installed at different locations. It is a powerful and effective tool for monitoring. Camy has designed this app

The uniqueness of this app is that it can convert Android Smartphones into a security surveillance devices.

It has its versions available for Android and iPhones. You can install it from the Google Play Store and log in to the device by using a valid mail ID. You can add the device by scanning the QR code of the device.

You can also manually add a device by the IP address of the gadget. It supports your surveillance by empowering you to operate the device from any place. 

What Are The Main Features Of Camy Software?

It is a powerful and effective application. It saves time and energy for its users. 

It is a very dominating feature that talks about some important characteristics of the file. This product is given here. Know it to operate the product in the best fashion.

  • It captures data and relays them in real-time.
  • There is no time lag.
  • It means we always receive video footage in the live feed.
  • Advanced technology is used to adjust data in low networking areas. It gives a continuous relay of the video.
  • The app can be accessed from any place.
  • You can get any device from any remote location.
  • You can operate the device, and communicate with someone from any place.
  • The two-way audio enables users to pass instructions, listen to someone or alert people on the device and from any thread.
  • It can record, take snaps and playback for you.
  • You can keep your recording on the Cloud Servers also.
  • It has powerful senses which can detect audio and motion.
  • It will alert you whenever it senses anything suspicious and doubtful.
  • The resolution it supports is high.
  • You receive crystal clear images and clean footage.
  • The night vision quality it releases is superb.

How Is BlueStacks Helpful For Installing Camy Software On PCs?

The Camy is Android software. It cannot be downloaded and installed on Windows and Mac. To run this application on Windows & Mac, we have to take the help of BlueStacks.

The loading and setup of the software are simple. Firstly, we install BlueStacks and then g to install the Android app on a PC. BlueStacks is separately given for Windows operating system and Mac Operating System. 

Download Camy For Android OS

Camy software is given for Android OS. To download and install the software on Android-based smartphones, you have to open the Play Store or click the link given. 

There you open the play store and search for this app. After that, install it and then log it in with your email id. Add the device by scanning the QR code. The process is simple.

Download Camy For Windows OS

Camy software is not available for Windows PC. To download this application on Windows PC, you have to take the help of Android Emulator or cross-platform apps

We have to install Android Emulator like BlueStacks on Windows operating system. 

Then open the Play Store. Find the Camy app on the installed BlueStacks menu page. 

Download Cam For Mac OS

To get the Camy app for Mac PC, go for installing the BlueStacks app. BlueStacks is available for Mac PC. Open the app store on the BlueStacks menu page and search the Camy setup application file.

Download and install it on Mac operating system.

Install Camy For Android OS, Log In & Add Device

To install the Camy file on Android, search the app on the play store and install it. This app has various functions. This product can make your smartphone a security camera.
For that, you have just to follow the instructions given by this software. Keep on accepting the instructions and you will turn your phone into a powerful security device.
It is shown in three steps.

Step-1 Install The App

We open the play store to get the setup application file. Search the app. The page appears and it asks us to load the setup file.

The page has the software. Click the install button to load the file. The file will start loading.

It shows that this setup file is loading its contents. It loads in a jiffy.

This page represents that the installation process is finished. NOw the product is installed.

We will go to the next step. In this step, we will try to go to the homepage of the app to add the device.

Step-2 Log In To The File

This App has the capacity and capability to turn Android smartphones into Security devices.

For logging in, we will open the installed app. It will take us to the next page.

It will ask us permission to turn the smartphone into a CCTV Camera.

It will further guide you to other windows where it shows you about its different features that it can sense motion and audio.

It further opens another page and guides you that it gives you 24-hour protection and so on and so forth. Then it logs in to you with a mail Id.

Step-3 Monitoring

After showing all its primary features and functions, it will take you to the window where it will ask you to use your mobile and other mobiles as CCTVs.

When you press the Done button, it will ask you to do the same process on that device as well. This way it shows you live feeds on Smartphones.

Install & Monitor Camy For Windows

To set up this file for Windows, we will install BlueStacks on Windows PC. Then go to the menu page and open the play store. Search Camy file. Then install it, log in to the file and add the cam.

Step-1 Install The App on Windows

Search the software on the play store.

Install this file by clicking the install button. After that, it will begin to load.

It will take only a few seconds to load the file. When the installation part is over, it will notify you.

The file is properly installed.

Now we will move to the next step. Here, we will try to reach the homepage of the file and add the device.

Step-2 Log In To The Software

This app will log in with a valid mail Id. Then it will highlight its main features. This app can make your smartphone where you have loaded this information into a CCTV security device.

It is telling that it can be made into a security camera. Press the continue button. The next page will surface.

This page is telling us the features of the sensor. It can easily assess motion and detection. Press the continue button.

On this page, the user is getting the assurance that round the clock you are protected and connected. Press the continue button.

Step-3 Add The Device To Monitor

When you press the continue button, this page appears.

You have to add the device. You can add your phone or others’ also to monitor. Press next and this page appears.

Press the done button. It will connect to the device.

This way you add the devices and monitor from remote locations.


Camy For PC software is mentioned in this article. You saw the installation processes for Android, Windows, and Mac operating systems. The features of the app are mentioned in this post.

Share your queries and responses in the comment section. We will keep on updating the article.

Thank You.


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