Adorcam For PC Download Free For Windows 8/10/11 & Mac OS

Adorcam For PC software is an Android Application. Adorcam for PC is CCTV software that can connect different devices installed at different locations and show them to its users at any remote location. 

It is a powerful tool to monitor your location. In this article, we will define the software, its usability, and its installation process

It is Android software that can run on any Android-based smartphone. We will show you here how to run an Android application on Windows and Mac. It will also guide you to install the app on a PC. 

It is detailed in three distinct steps. Step one is the installation of the software on a Windows PC. Step number 2 guides you to log in to the software app and reach the homepage. In the third and last step, the user will be supported by adding the device and monitoring. 

This app is very powerful as it connects P2P and gives its users access to monitor from anywhere in the world. This way the user client has mental peace and control.

The Software provides a P2P connection for IP web camera brands such as Zeeporte and Umino

Why Is A CCTV App Important?

CCTV apps are very important because the owner cannot be present at every moment at the location. It becomes difficult if you have a big business and you have multiple places to monitor.

When the CCTV app is available you are free to move around because you are aware of the happening in your business places. You can listen to your employees and pass the instructions.

When the CCTV software is not available you have to be present there all the time. It will kill your time and productivity. You will not be mentally free to expand your business. 

The CCTV product gives you authority and awareness. Even if you are away from your site you are still in their midst. 

What Is AdoreCam For PC App?

AdorCam for PC application is a powerful tool that enables its users to get access to their sites and locations. It empowers its users to function the device from remote areas.

Suppose, you are sitting in your office and you are monitoring your factory which is at a good distance away, and if you find anything worthy to watch you can zoom in on the object. Similarly, you can listen to your employee and instruct your supervisor by sitting in your office.

When CCTV files are monitoring homes, you are assured of the happenings around your home. It gives you a real-time feed and lives views. 

Features & Functions Of AdorCam For PC Software

The main features and functions of this product are given. By using and utilizing them, you will get the maximum benefit of the software.

  • The advanced technology used in this app adjusts data in low networking areas and maintains the continuous flow of the data. 
  • The user always gets a real-time feed. 
  • There is no time lag between video capturing and video relaying.
  • The app allows you to operate devices from remote areas. 
  • You can speak, listen and monitor
  • You can zoom in and communicate with someone. 
  • Two-way audio is supported by this device. 
  • It gives you the freedom to converse and communicate
  • You can raise an alarm by seeing anything suspicious.
  • The sensors are powerful enough. 
  • You can sense any suspicious activity through a motion sensor and audio sensor. 
  • It pushes alert messages and triggers alarms when anything suspicious and dubious is found. 
  • You can pre-define sensitive zones and mark them. 
  • When anyone barges into those areas, it alerts you. 
  • Thus it keeps you safe and aware. You can operate a PTZ gadget by using this product. 
  • It can add a device manually by taking its IP address or it can scan the QR code and connect the widget

How Can An Android Software Be Used For Windows & Mac?

Android software cannot be used on PCs directly. But if you want to use it, you have to take the help of Android Emulator and cross-platform apps.

BlueStacks is one of them. With its help, you can download and install Android software on Windows PC and Mac PC. Install BlueStacks, open the Play Store and search Android apps and install them. We will illustrate the process in the next section. 

Download AdorCam For Android OS

If you have to install an AdorCam for Android OS, then open the Play Store and search for the product. You can also get this app from the given link button. After searching and getting the product, we have to install it. 

We have explained the methodology at great lengths for the installation process, the login process, and the device addition process for Android OS in the below section. It will help you in analyzing the concept and doing it yourself.

Download AdorCam For Windows OS

This app is not available for Windows. To download and install it on Windows we have to first download and install BlueStacks.

After installing BlueStacks we will go on the Play Store and search for the software. Then install it, log it in and add the device. The complete narration and illustration have been given in the installation section.

Download AdorCam For Mac OS

BlueStacks app is available for Mac Operating System. First, install BlueStacks. Then install the software, log it in and monitor. The installation process is almost the same as for Windows.

To install AdorCam on Mac, follow the process given for Windows, and you will be able to install it and monitor your location.

Install, Log In & Monitor Adorcam For Android OS

Here you will find the complete installation process for Android Smartphones. They are covered with images. It is defined in three steps.

Step-1 Install Adorcam For Android

To install, we open the play store or click the download button and search the app.

Go to install the app. It will be installed in no time. There is no issue in getting the software.

The file is loading. When it will load completely, it will notify you with a message.

This way the downloading process is over. The notification signifies that.

We will move to the next step now. It is for logging in to the Adorcam.

Step-2 Log In To The File

Open the installed app on the smartphone. The following page will emerge.

We will go for the signup. The moment we click it, it asks us to create a user Id and password. It further asks to give a mail Id.

Fill in these details and then press the log-in button. You will be able to log in the file.

Step-3 Add The Device & Do Monitoring

We will reach the homepage. It asks us to add the device. Click it.

The device will search the wifi network and when connected with a network, it will search the device.

It will indicate when connected and show your device on the display screen.

This way, it completes the installation, logging in, and device addition for Android OS.

Install, Sign Up & Connect Devices To Monitor AdorCam For Windows OS

The three steps process is mentioned here. It is a figurative analysis for a better comprehension of the user.

Step-1 Install The File For Windows OS

To get it properly installed, we first download and install BlueStacks. Open the play store and search AdorCam.

The next point is to get the file loaded on the PC.

The file will be loaded and when the loading is finished, it will inform us.

This way the software installs on a Windows PC with the help of BlueStacks.

Step-2 Sign Up for The App

To sign up, we open the installed Adorcam. We get the following page.

For signing up, press the button. This page will show up.

It is suggested to create a username and a password. You have to mention a mail Id also. Mention them and then click the login button.

You will be able to log in.

The logging-in part is over. It will take you to the homepage of the App. Now you have to connect devices to monitor.

Step-3 Add Devices & Monitor

After logging in, we reach here.

It takes you to the next step. Here you have to connect with the wi-fi. Then you will connect with your device and it will show up.

Click the connection button. You will get the device and connect it.

Cameras appear on the screen. This way we become able to connect and monitor.


The Adorcam For PC is a CCTV monitoring software. It is designed for Android OS. We have displayed here the installation process for Android & Windows.

For Windows OS, BlueStacks are the support. We base the installation on the Android emulator. The process is illustrated with images and captions. It will help users understand the process. For Mac OS, the process is ditto same as for Windows.

If you find any difficulty in loading and monitoring, please mention it in the comment section. We will try to solve the issue and provide you with the best possible solutions.

Thank You.

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