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uMobile CCTV For PC Download Free For Windows 8/10 & Mac

This article informs you about the Android app uMobile CCTV For PC.  You will get here the features of this application. uMobile CCTV For PC is given to add to the security surveillance device and allow users to monitor their sites from remote locations. 

You will get the complete installation process for Android OS and Windows OS. The uMobile CCTV For PC app is installed and logged in for Android users and Windows users. You will get the illustrated narration here. 

The step-by-step analysis is given with images. It will help users to understand the software better. The device addition process is explained in full to make the monitoring easier.    

The download button is given for uMobile Android software. This app is Android software. It is not possible to run this file on Windows OS and Mac OS. Here, we have suggested means to make this application operational for PCs. 

For that, we have explained the Android Emulator files. We will use BlueStacks Android Emulator and load this software on Windows.

How CCTV Monitoring Software Empower Its Users?

CCTV app for monitoring activities is an indispensable thing. It gives its users so much more. It empowers them, gives them mental peace, and makes them more productive by allowing them to move freely and supervise.

Suppose, you have different locations to monitor. You have installed CCTV Cameras there. These locations and their monitoring are important to you. 

Here comes the use of a CCTV Application. You can monitor from any location. You can instruct, listen to a conversation, pass a remark, zoom in to watch, and manage your work. You can also monitor your family members, pets, entrance, and any apparent threat. 

This way, you do have not to stick to a particular location for supervision. You can move around and devote your time to more productive things. It can be an instrument for the growth of your business and personality.

What Is uMobile CCTV For PC Software?

This mobile is manufactured and designed by the ULC software company. This company deals in software management.

This application can register up to 265 devices. This shows the greatness of this app. 

You can operate the device from your place. You can speak to a person, listen to somebody and watch activities by yourself. It keeps you alert to threats and suspicious activities. 

This way you are always in touch with your sites and locations. You feel satisfied and happy when you are monitoring activities by this app. 

Else, you have to be present at all your sites and locations to monitor. This application keeps on updating every now and then. It keeps on adding the latest features and functions to it. 

Features & Functions Of uMobile Software

The main features and functions of this application are given here. It will help you in operating this application at an optimum level.

  • It gives you a live feed.
  • When it receives data, in the same breath it releases them.
  • It means there is no time lag and no discontinuity in the flow of the video.
  • You can get the app from any remote location.
  • You can operate the device and instruct from your place.
  • This software can record videos, take snaps and preserve playbacks.
  • You can check playbacks from any place.
  • This app supports cloud server recording. The PTZ cameras can be operated from any remote place.
  • You can zoom in, pan, and tilt them at will.
  • The two-way audio is supported by the software.
  • You can communicate with someone and listen to them.
  • It is also helpful in chasing away any suspect by shouting at them and alerting people.
  • The sensors are highly sensitive.
  • They can track motion and audio.
  • You can mark sensitive zones with the help of the sensors.
  • When anyone barges into those areas, it alerts us and triggers alarms.
  • It autocorrects data in low networking areas.
  • This way it maintains the continuity of the flow of the video.

Install, Log In & Add Devices For uMobile CCTV For Android OS

To install the software on Android, we have to click the link given here. We can also go to the google play store and get the application. Get the download button here.

Step-1 Install uMobile CCTV

Click the button. It will take you to the play store. Search the uMobile setup file there. You will get to the following page.

The file appears here. Press the Install button. It will begin to load the file. The installation process is simple.

The file is loading. It takes a few minutes to load the full content. When the installation is finished, we receive a confirmation page that reads ‘the installation is completed successfully.’

This way the installation process is finished.

Step-2 Log In To The App

For this thing, you have to open the installed app file. The following window will open.

This is the log-in page. We can log in when we have already generated the Id and password or the company has given a default Id and password. But both the cases are not possible here. In that case, we go for sign-up. Click the signup button. You will find these instructions.

You have to give a mail Id and a password for that mail id. After that press the verify button. It will send a verification code on the given mail Id to check the veracity of the account. After that confirmation, you will be logged in.

Press the log-in button. You are through to the menu page of the application. It will ask you to add the device.

Step-3 Add The Device & Monitor

This page will appear after logging in.

It is asking us to add the device. Press the “+” button. The next instruction will emerge.

You can add the device by manually adding the IP address. You can search the device and connect it. You can also scan the device. When you scan the QR code, it connects with the device.

This way you get the monitoring on your Android smartphone. The process is straightforward.

Cameras appear on the display screen. The monitoring begins.

Install, Log In & Connect uMobile CCTV For Windows

The uMobile software is Android Software. Technically it is not possible to run it on Windows PC. So we have to take the support of the Android Emulator App. Here we will use BlueStacks. It is easy to use and learn.

Install BlueStacks On Windows OS

To install BlueStacks, we click the download button given here. It opens and we extricate the file to load and install it on Windows PC. Click the button to get the Emulator.

After installing BlueStacks, open the BlueStacks play store and go for the software. You will get the following page.

Step-1 Installation Of uMobile On BlueStacks

This page will come on the screen.

Press the installation button. It will load the file.

The file finishes loading in a few minutes.

The app is installed successfully. This way step-1 is complete.

Now we will go to the next step. Here, we will log in to the file.

Step-2 Log In To The File

Open the installed app. You will find the following page on your Windows Screen.

If you are using it for the first time then you have to click the Sign-Up button to generate the Id and the password.

It will ask for a mail id. Mention it and press the verify button. It will send a verification code to the inbox of the given mail id.

Mention the verification code and press the next button.

It will ask you to create the password and press the sign-up button.

This way the login process is complete. We log in to the app and the homepage appears. It signals us to add the device.

Step-3 Add The Device & Monitor

We are going to add the device now.

Click the “+” button. It will open options to connect the gadget.

The various modes to connect the device is given here. You can select any one of them. If you manually add, give the mail Id of the device and it will add with the app. You can go for auto search or scan.

When you go for scanning the QR code, the device will show up on the display screen.

It will add and give you the device on the Windows screen.

This way, you get it on the Windows display screen.


The uMobile For PC is shown here. It is given here in full detail. The download button of the app and the Android Emulator is given. You will also find the features of this software here. The installation process is given for Android and Windows. They are given illustrations here. Any user can easily get it.

If you find any issues in understanding the process or installing them, please share queries in the comment section. We will get back to you with a proper solution.

Thank You.


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