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Maxwell CCTV For PC App Download For Windows 8/10 & Mac

Maxwell CCTV For PC is an Android product. It is used to connect devices and monitor them from remote locations. It can connect to multiple devices and show them to us one by one. 

This article comprises the benefits of Maxwell CCTV For PC App. It also explains the installation process for Android OS and Windows OS. Every step of the process is explained with images. It is made as user-friendly as possible. 

The Maxwell CCTV For PC is Android software. An Android software can’t be downloaded and installed for Windows or Mac PC

Here, we will guide you to install Maxwell software on Windows. It is made possible with the help of Android Emulators. We will use BlueStacks Android Emulator to install this application on Windows & Mac.

How Is A CCTV Surveillance Software Useful?

CCTV surveillance software is used to monitor sites and locations. When a CCTV surveillance app is used to monitor, you can access your location from your office, while you are traveling or you are in a different city.

It keeps you aware and alerts you all the time. You can communicate with people, pass instructions and listen to them. The CCTV surveillance app also gives you the authority to operate devices installed at different locations from anywhere.
You feel secure and in control when you use surveillance software. It saves users time and energy. It gives them mental peace. You feel relaxed and calm as you are aware of all activities.

Some information regarding Maxwell CCTV For PC

This app is designed and manufactured by Crestron Maxwell Security System. This organization is instituted in 2002 in Thailand. Since then, it has been working splendidly well in electronic automation businesses.

It makes people’s lives easier by helping them in their day-to-day life. It makes them more efficient and productive.
This way this company is at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, constantly offering faster, better solutions that address the needs of customers the world over.

This app is smart and highly efficient. The sensor technology used in it gives it decision-making power. It sends its users alert messages and guards them against any suspicious and dubious activities.

Important Features & Attributes Of Maxwell Application

This product has many finer qualities. Some of them are given here. Know them and use them to operate this product with the maximum output.

  • It gives a live feed to its users
  • There is no time lag between video capturing and monitoring
  • The app can access the device from remote locations
  • You can operate this device in many places.
  • You can watch an object in a better way, speak to somebody and listen to a conversation.
  • This product supports recording footage and taking snaps.
  • You can playback videos and watch any important activity happening around.
  • This product supports two-way audio.
  • You can easily convey a message, instruct an employee or listen to a conversation.
  • You can also circulate a message.
  • This app has strong sensors.
  • It gives you the freedom to pre-define a sensitive zone and convert it into a safe zone.
  • The app gives alert messages and triggers an alarm to alert and awaken users.
  • It supports PTZ devices.
  • A PTZ camera can be tilted, zoomed, and panned.
  • It connects more than 20 devices at a time.
  • You can put recordings on the cloud server.
  • This product can add devices by scanning the QR code or adding the IP address.
  • The app supports Wi-Fi technology

How To Install Maxwell CCTV For Android On Smartphones & Monitor

Here, we will guide you to install this Maxwell application on your mobile phone. It is Android software. If you want to install it then click the link button given below. You can also get this product by going to the google play store.

Step-1 Install the App

When you go to the play store and search the Maxwell CCTV file, the following page surfaces.

The app will appear on the screen. You have to click the install button to get the file. When you click it, it begins to load and install.

The set-up file is loading. It loads in a few seconds. When it is done, it will notify you with a message that the installation is complete.

This way the installation for Maxwell software is complete. It is finished.

The next step is to Add the device for Monitoring.

Step-2 Add The Device

The Application is installed properly. Click the icon for the next step. This window will emerge on the screen.

This page will surface. It is asking you to connect the devices through various means. You can add the device by adding the static IP or you can discover the device by connecting the app with a WiFi network.

You can also go for adding the device with DVRNS or select the P2P adding process. These all options are open. It is up to you which process you give priority to. Let’s check them one by one.

When you go to add the device by a Static mode then the following information you have to fill.

Here, you have to give the IP domain address, port device ID, and password. Then press the next button. It will connect the gadget with that IP address.

If you select the Discovery mode, it will search the device and automatically connects it.

When you select DVRNS( Digital Video Recorder Network System) method to connect the device, then the following things happen.

Every DVRNS has a unique ID. Give its ID, username, and password. It will connect the gadget and the cameras will show on the smartphone screen.

You can connect the device by P2P method also.

You can give the P2P id or you can go for scanning the QR code. This way the device will be added to the app. You will easily monitor and supervise the activities.

These methods will lead you to get the device.

This way we become able to monitor cams on Android smartphones.

Install Maxwell CCTV For Windows And Monitor On A PC

Maxwell CCTV is an Android App. Technically you can’t run it on PCs. So you have to take the shelter of Android Emulator or Cross-platform Apps.

When we chose an Android Emulator and install it on Windows operating system, then we can load this application. There are many Emulators, you can select any one of them as per your preference. Here we are using BlueStacks.

Install BlueStacks on Windows OS

You have to install this file on Windows. The download button is given below. You can click and get the button. Download the file and install it. When it is loaded properly, we will open it to load the MAxwell CCTV file.

Search Maxwell Software On BlueStacks Play Store & Install

After BlueStacks installation, open the play store and search this set-up file.

This page appears. We have to click the install button to get this file on our PC. Press the button to load it.

The file is loading. It is a small file and it loads easily. When the process is complete, we get a confirmation message.

This page indicates that we have installed the app properly and successfully. Now we will go to add the device for monitoring.

Add Devices And Monitor

Open the installed app on the screen. You will get this page.

It is indicating Device, Notification, and Setup. We will go to the Device option to connect the device. Press the device option. This page will show up.

You can add the gadget by Static, Discovery, DVRNS, and P2P Way. You can add the device by any one of these methods. It is your choice.

When you go for STATIC ADD, this page emerges.

Give the Static IP domain address, device Id, and password. Include the port number and click the next button to connect with the device.

You can Discover the device. For that connect the device with WiFi and press that option. It will search and find the gadget.

For DVRNS ADD, give the Digital Video recorder Network System ID and log-in ID, and password. It will add this way with the device.

For P2P addition, give P2P Id and go scanning the QR code. It will scan and add the device.

These are the methods to connect and monitor. The device will show up and you will be able to find it on the Windows screen.

The installation to monitoring process for Windows is displayed here.


Maxwell CCTV For PC is detailed in the most illustrated manner. The user client will be benefitted from the installation process given here for Android OS and Windows OS. The functions of this software are narrated comprehensively for its optimum usability.

If you have queries regarding this application please share them with us in the comment section. If there is an installation problem or device addition problem, do let us know. We will go all out for giving you the best possible solution.

Thank You.



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